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In 2010, Palamara will read Lifton's book "Best Evidence", then go on YouTube saying that he now thinks the body was altered! What a joke!



Vince Palamara almost certainly now DOES think the body was altered. And that's because Vince P. thinks Doug Horne's book is worthy of a "Pulitzer Prize". And, guess what, Doug Horne firmly believes that JFK's body was altered before the autopsy. So, surely, Palamara must now believe the body was altered as well.

Horne's theory regarding the "body alteration" is slightly different than Kook Lifton's, however, with Horne believing that it was Drs. Humes and Boswell who conducted the super-fast body-altering surgery at Bethesda....vs. Lifton's theory about the body being stolen off of Air Force One and the body taken to Walter Reed Hospital for the lightning-fast covert surgery.

Either way, the theory is impossible and all reasonable people know it.

But Doug Horne has a way of SEEMING to be "reasonable" when he tells his fantastic and utterly insane tales. And apparently Horne has been able to suck Mr. Palamara into his vacuum of silliness. And that's a shame, but it's not totally unexpected, given Palamara's track record on flip-flops, with Vincent's five-star review for Jim Douglass' 2008 book being a prime example of Palamara not knowing which direction to turn regarding the JFK murder case.

The review linked above, btw, was written by Mr. Palamara almost a full year AFTER he had gone on record endorsing Vince Bugliosi's "Reclaiming History" as the book that delivered a "devastating knock-out blow" to all conspiracies connected with the Kennedy assassination; which, of course, would INCLUDE Doug Horne's theories about Z-Film alteration, "two brains", and body-altering surgery, because Horne's theories about these things certainly didn't just rise from the ashes in the last few days or weeks. Horne has touted such nonsense for YEARS, with Bugliosi even tackling Horne's theories in "Reclaiming History".

The question would now be this: Why wasn't Vincent Palamara fully aware of Douglas Horne's conspiracy theories prior to 2007?

And if you want to become a little more confused on which side Vince Palamara was on in the month of May 2008, there's this Internet post written by Palamara in which he strongly praises Vince Bugliosi's book. And that's a post that was penned by Palamara eighteen days AFTER he wrote this 5-star review for James Douglass' pro-conspiracy book, "JFK And The Unspeakable". And keep in mind that Mr. Douglass thinks that Lee Harvey Oswald was set up as the "patsy" for President Kennedy's murder in Dallas.

So endorsing BOTH Bugliosi's and Douglass' books nearly simultaneously, as Mr. Palamara did in May of 2008, is something that can only make a casual observer scratch his or her head in utter bewilderment.


David Von Pein
December 17, 2009
December 26, 2014