(PART 864)


Vince Palamara is beginning to get very boring. One day he will tell you something, the next day something else, and be prepared for another complete reversal on his part sooner than you can expect...

The truth is: Vince Palamara doesn't know what to think. What matters to him is that people remember his name! That's all.

He has recently read a book by someone (Horne) who claims the Zapruder film was altered (what nonsense, what crap!), and he says he saw the light????

Give me a break!

To me, Palamara is now to be put in the same group as the Liftons, Fetzers, Mantiks and Grodens: useless people who can do nothing but waste their time and spread falsehoods.

How sad!


And not only that, Vince Palamara just read a book (Doug Horne's) that claims that JFK's body was altered by Dr. Humes and Dr. Boswell at Bethesda Naval Center prior to President Kennedy's autopsy!

And Palamara just read a book (Horne's) that insists that there were two brains examined by the pathologists in November 1963, with one of these brains being JFK's real brain and the other one being a phony brain of some kind that--get this!--was way too big to even be John F. Kennedy's real brain!

Talk about BRAINless idiots for plotters!

And that is the kind of pro-conspiracy nonsense that Mr. Palamara evidently finds convincing.

And the kicker is: Palamara is still calling Vincent Bugliosi's book a "masterpiece" too -- at the same time that he's calling Doug Horne's conspiracy-filled tome worthy of winning a Pulitzer Prize!!

Touting BOTH Bugliosi's book and Horne's book as being of worthy of equal praise is pretty much the same thing as saying that the person engaging in such praise for those two things (Vince Palamara) firmly and genuinely believes that the sun is both hot AND cold.

Allow me to repeat my earlier comments about Vincent Michael Palamara:

"In order to believe in ANY of the conspiracy-tinged nonsense that Douglas Horne believes in, a person must AUTOMATICALLY disbelieve the things that Vincent T. Bugliosi believes in. .... Either Lee Oswald killed Kennedy alone (as Bugliosi posits) or he didn't (as Horne posits). You cannot believe that BOTH Bugliosi's and Horne's versions of the JFK story are true. They are like water and oil. They cannot co-exist. .... In short, it appears that Vince Palamara's opinions regarding the John F. Kennedy murder case are about as steady as the colors of a chameleon." -- DVP; December 16, 2009

David Von Pein
December 17, 2009