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Humes was obviously wrong, David, and the evidence proves it. Boswell explained under oath how they deliberately hid the BOH damage when the photos were being taken. Read the article, David, and stop making such ridiculous arguments.


Bob Harris thinks the OFFICIAL AUTOPSY REPORT is a "ridiculous argument".

You conspiracy quacks just don't know when to quit, do you?

Your sickening "I've Decided To Ignore All Of The Official Evidence" arrogance is exceeded only by the size of your kook gene.


Yes David, that is exactly what it [the autopsy report] was [i.e., a "ridiculous argument"]. Humes lied about the size of the large defect to avoid admitting that it went into the BOH and Boswell admitted under oath that the autopsists deliberately covered up damage that extended all the way into the occiput.


Nobody "lied" about anything here, Bob. And Boswell most certainly did not admit under oath that the autopsy doctors "deliberately covered up damage" with respect to the wounds in President Kennedy's head. That's your interpretation of Dr. Boswell's 1996 ARRB testimony, which is testimony that is (IMO) not conclusive at all. It's convoluted and unclear in many places.

But one thing that is a certainty regarding Dr. Boswell's ARRB deposition -- he never once talks about there being a SECOND bullet having struck the head of JFK. That just simply is not in the record at all. Which is only natural, of course, since Dr. Boswell has known from Day 1 on 11/22/63 that ONLY ONE BULLET hit President Kennedy in the head.

But, naturally, conspiracy kooks like Robert Harris think they can rewrite history by making up pure fantasies about the President being hit in the head by a second bullet in Dealey Plaza.

Harris and Aesop have a lot in common.


The autopsy report was written with an agenda to hide evidence of damage to the back of the President's head, for the obvious purpose of making it appear that all the shots came from the rear.


Which means that the autopsy doctors must have faked all of the autopsy photos and X-rays too. Because lacking that kind of additional fraud involving the photographs and X-rays, the little game that Bob Harris thinks the Bethesda doctors were playing prior to 1996, which is a game that has all three of the autopsy physicians (Humes, Boswell, and Finck) pretending for years that there was NO BIG HOLE in the back of JFK's head, was sure to collapse pretty quickly.

Why was it bound to collapse?

Because the autopsy photos and X-rays that are in existence today confirm the fact that there was no large hole in the back of President Kennedy's head:

I've discussed this ridiculous "BOH" stuff with John Canal several times in the past, and his arguments are just as wrong as the ones purported by Robert Harris. Not to mention the fact that such theories regarding JFK's head wounds are totally unprovable and just downright silly and illogical from various points-of-view, as discussed HERE.

But I've learned over a period of time that it's simply impossible to instill logic and common sense into the brains of individuals who have no capacity for absorbing such ordinary human traits when it comes to discussing the topic of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

David Von Pein
February 4, 2010