(PART 865)


Are you stating in your opinion no bullet traversed the neck?


Almost all conspiracy theorists (that I am aware of) think that the throat wound was caused by a bullet (or a poisoned dart) that ENTERED the President's throat from the front.

Which means that those CTers have DOUBLE the disappearing bullets than they'd have in trying to explain Paul May's thread-opening question about where just the ONE bullet went after exiting JFK's throat.

This is a point I've made repeatedly on the Web for years -- i.e., the absurdity in believing something that is far more unbelievable than is the Single-Bullet Theory.

Conspiracists who advocate a frontal shot for the throat wound are automatically making themselves look ridiculous, because those people must now explain why TWO separate bullets went into the President's upper back AND throat, and then just vanished WITHOUT EXITING.

And those CTers should also feel the need to explain to the world why President Kennedy had NO INTERNAL DAMAGE significant enough to even remotely suggest that even ONE bullet (let alone TWO) could have stopped dead inside his back/neck after entering.

But, in the conspiracy world, apparently there is no obligation on the part of those people advancing such nutty theories to reasonably explain why and how these bullets failed to exit and then BOTH DISAPPEAR into thin air.

In other words, the mere suggestion that something is true (like the silly-beyond-all-tolerance "Two Bullets Went Into JFK, Did Not Exit, And Then Disappeared" claptrap) is more than enough for conspiracy theorists to embrace it as the absolute truth.

Silly, isn't it?

Yes, it is.

David Von Pein
February 10, 2010