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And how would you go about dismissing Clint Hill's Warren Commission testimony, in which he describes a large gaping wound in the right rear of JFK's head?


No witness (or series of witnesses) can trump the autopsy pictures and X-rays.

So, Bob, tell us how you go about the daunting task of totally dismissing the best evidence available regarding the true locations of JFK's head wounds---i.e., the photographs below?


Oh, no, I've fallen back into that twilight zone where I'm forced to argue on the same side as David Von Pein! LOL


You not only argue on the same side as David Von Pein, you sound just like him.


And for any naive reader who sees Mr. Von Pein's post, Mr. Von Pein relies on the thoroughly discredited autopsy photos.


This is laughable. The autopsy photos and X-rays have most certainly not been "thoroughly discredited". Far from it, in fact. Unless you want to believe that all 20 or so members of the HSCA's Photographic Panel were complete idiots (or liars). Because that Panel said this....

"The evidence indicates that the autopsy photographs and X-rays were taken of President Kennedy at the time of his autopsy and that they had not been altered in any manner." -- HSCA Volume 7; Page 41

And why on Earth anyone would think the statements of James Sibert and Francis O'Neill could possibly trump the above conclusion of the HSCA's Photo Panel is anyone's guess. Sibert and O'Neill weren't photographic experts. They were FBI agents. Nothing they have said over the years invalidates these words....

"...the autopsy photographs and X-rays...had not been altered in any manner."

Naturally, many conspiracy theorists think it's perfectly acceptable to take the above words and just toss them into the trash. But would a reasonable person do such a silly thing?


David Von Pein, I have to chuckle at your belief in the HSCA medical panel, the chair of which was Michael Baden.

Reading Baden's HSCA testimony is in fact a delight. Particularly the part where he admits the panel's conclusions were based on assumptions having nothing to do with the condition of JFK's body.

Baden: "I think that if another bullet were found in the car, the pathology panel members would have to give that a great deal of consideration before reading [sic] its final conclusions...We are taking into account in our evaluation the Zapruder film..."

Baden, as researchers know, gave the Warren Report, the autopsy, and every other aspect of the Official Story the benefit of the doubt. Why wouldn't he "validate" purported autopsy photos and x-rays[?] It's quite clear Baden did not see his role to include rocking the boat.

History has a special place for work such as that of the HSCA FPP. It's called the dust bin.


I have to laugh heartily at Mr. Tidd's silly suggestion that Dr. Michael Baden "validated" the photographs and X-rays. (I guess Jon thinks Baden was part of the HSCA's Photographic Panel.)

But Baden wasn't part of the 20+ people who authenticated the autopsy photographs and X-rays for the House Select Committee. Baden was part of the Forensic Pathology Panel. And I said nothing at all in my previous post about the "medical panel" (FPP). That's a whole other kettle of fish.

But, conspiracy theorists will look for any excuse to bash Dr. Baden and Company.

Right, Jon?


Why would anyone believe the ARRB testimony of Sibert and O'Neill over the HSCA panel?

Because they were 18" away from Kennedy's body in the morgue. Who from the HSCA panel saw anything first hand?

Sibert and O'Neill were not CTers. Far from it. Yet when faced with the autopsy photos under oath, they refused to perjure themselves and admitted that the photos did not match the actual wounds. It is just the fact, whether Mr. Von Pein wants to admit it or not. You can see for yourself Sibert's depiction of the wound in the back of the head in my previous post.

No one will ever convince Mr. Von Pein. That is fine; it is certainly not my goal. I write for the next generation and new people to the case. Kennedy had a hole in the back of his head that was made to disappear in the official record. Even the two FBI agents on the scene, who badly wanted to believe Oswald acted alone, said this under oath.


And, of course, your above comments mean you have no choice but to believe that the Zapruder Film has been altered, too. Because the Z-Film is perfectly consistent with all of the autopsy photos and X-rays, as well as being perfectly in-sync and consistent with the observations of three of the closest witnesses on Elm Street who were just a few feet away from the RIGHT SIDE of President Kennedy's head when they saw his head burst open in front of their eyes.

Try finding a first-day statement from any Dealey Plaza witness who said they saw the BACK of JFK's head blown out. I doubt you'll be able to find one. You'll be able to find plenty of Parkland Hospital witnesses who incorrectly placed the large exit wound in the rear of Kennedy's head, but you won't find any Dealey Plaza witnesses who said that.

And the Zapruder Film, of course, is proving for all time where the large exit wound was located---it's just exactly where the autopsy pictures show it to be--in the right/front/top portion of the head....


He [DVP] would lose his job if he agreed with you, Al.


Not to mention the loss of my lunch.

David Von Pein
December 2014