(PART 859)


Hi Mr. Von Pein, After viewing your blog page, I have come to believe that with all the time and effort you've spent writing all this disinformation, it must be your job! Is it?? Who pays you to write all this disinformation?


No, Bill. It's not my "job". Although I wish it were. I don't do much of anything else very well, so it would be nice if the CIA boys at Langley would fork over some cash for my "disinformation" efforts, as you put it. But, to date, I'm still awaiting my first Disinfo check. (I hope it comes soon.)

Of course, my "lone assassin" writings are far from "disinformation". The "Single Assassin Named Oswald" conclusion is, of course, where all of the physical evidence leads, regardless of how many conspiracy theorists insist otherwise.

I guess you will just have to face that irrevocable fact regarding the physical evidence, because it's not likely to change in the future. (Unless you know something that the Warren Commission and HSCA didn't know....like, say, having in your possession a bullet from a non-Oswald gun hidden under your pillow that you can positively prove was fired at JFK on 11/22/63. Do you possess such evidence, Bill? I didn't think so.)


The HSCA, which was thoroughly manipulated by the CIA and had final say in its findings (thanks to Blakey) even concluded a probable conspiracy in the death of JFK!


And, of course, as you no doubt should know, those findings about a conspiracy that were reached by the HSCA were blown to pieces by the NAS a few years later, in 1982. The Dictabelt recording most certainly did NOT contain the sounds (or "impulses") of any gunshots whatsoever.

Perhaps you should have a look at Dale Myers' work on the subject of the acoustical evidence, which is totally worthless acoustic evidence that so many conspiracy theorists still seem to want to embrace as if it were the "Holy Grail Proof Of Conspiracy" in the JFK case:


The unimpeachable facts laid out by Mr. Myers at his webpage linked above are yet more facts that you and all other conspiracists will just have to live with, because the Dallas Police Department Dictabelt recording (which contains sounds that were recorded about a minute after the assassination) is not going to suddenly and miraculously change into a Dictabelt tape that was recorded at exactly 12:30 PM CST on November 22, 1963.

In closing, let me say that I enjoyed your silly commentary about how the HSCA was "thoroughly manipulated by the CIA and had final say in its findings". That was a real treat. It provided the biggest laugh in the e-mail that you were so kind to send me today. Thanks.

David Von Pein
December 13, 2009