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NOTE -- This post includes comments made by other people besides just DVP and Jim DiEugenio.


This is off-topic, but it concerns a distinguished member of the JFK research community [John McAdams], who is also a member of this forum. He deserves our support. [See link below.]



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John McAdams is a national treasure. He should be reinstated immediately.


John McAdams is a good guy. Very smart. Very decent. They [Marquette University] are lucky to have him. I don't see that he did anything wrong.

First, he is a Catholic teaching at a Catholic University. He could have argued against the original issue. But he didn't. He was only arguing that the instructor was wrong in not allowing the student who came to him for help to express his point of view. What's wrong with that? Am I missing something?


I agree, Greg. Maybe I'm missing something here too, but I can't see what the big "to-do" is either. John wrote something on the Marquette blog that was critical of another Marquette instructor. Big whooping deal. Some people sure have thin skin, I guess.


And I now see where Jim DiEugenio has decided to spread more utter junk and garbage concerning Professor McAdams, with super-kook DiEugenio pretending to know all about Mr. McAdams' so-called "wider agenda". The more I see anything written by this nonsensical clown named DiEugenio, the more I feel like throwing up! .....

"We reposted my two articles at CTKA, in which I proposed that looking at the McAdams case through the lens of only JFK was wrong. He has a much wider scope than that and a much wider agenda. He is a destabilization agent who wants to completely eliminate the last vestiges of the liberal state left over by Kennedy." -- James DiEugenio; December 20, 2014


In the last few years, DiEugenio has proven himself to be a complete whack job. But, then again, irresponsible windbags like DiEugenio don't seem to care how many people they smear. The more, the merrier. That fact becomes obvious when just counting up the dozens and dozens of innocent people that DiEugenio has called liars and co-conspirators in the murder of President Kennedy, all without a stitch of proof on DiEugenio's behalf.

The best service that James DiEugenio could perform for the world would be to shut his slanderous mouth.


David, all that crap from DiEugenio fits well into his imaginary, gargantuan Conspiracy and the Great Cover Up.

In DiEugenio's parallell universe, it's all part of the The Plan, and Professor McAdams, of course, is an important part of said Plan.

While I probably disagree with John McAdams on the issue here, I wholeheartedly support his right to free speech and find this incredibly outlandish.

John, fwiw, has my full support on this shoddy story.


Glenn, I totally agree with you regarding DiEugenio's "Plan" and "Great Cover-Up".

This type of controversy involving a person who also happens to be a leading spokesman for the "LN" side of the JFK assassination debate is just made to order for someone with a vivid imagination like James DiEugenio.

There's practically no end to the imaginary places that a controversy like this one involving John McAdams can take a delusional person like DiEugenio. The make-believe "agendas" can abound aplenty in Jimbo's fevered brain.


Agreed, David. Jim "more evidence of a JFK conspiracy than of the holocaust" DiEugenio is a fantasist. Simply.


And it's Pot/Kettle time for sure when we hear DiEugenio rambling on (as he does in this December 25, 2014, Black Op Radio appearance) about how John McAdams has engaged in non-stop "smears" and "slurs" against people.

In my opinion, Jimbo needs to look in the mirror if he wants to see someone who has conducted himself in a totally unprofessional and unethical manner in the last several yerars (at least when talking about the JFK assassination specifically).

I doubt I could even list all the individuals that DiEugenio has slandered with his "smears" and "slurs" and conspiratorial allegations. The list ranges from Lyndon Johnson to J. Edgar Hoover to Gerald Ford to Allen Dulles to George DeMohrenschildt to Ruth Paine to J. Will Fritz to Henry Wade to Linnie Mae Randle to Wesley Frazier, and dozens more. The list goes on and on.

And DiEugenio himself is a school teacher in Los Angeles! And yet he seems to want John McAdams' ability to speak freely cut off. But DiEugenio, also an educator in a public school system, is to be treated differently, despite the long list of people he has "smeared" and "slurred" in the past several years relating to the death of President Kennedy.

Sure sounds to me like the pot is calling the kettle black when it comes to the topic of FREE SPEECH.

David Von Pein
December 24-25, 2014