(PART 32)


>>> "Don't get me wrong..." <<<


You're always wrong.

>>> "...there are some crazy theories out for conspiracy..." <<<

Like the "LHO shot no one" theory. Yeah, that's one for the KookBooks,
to be sure.

>>> "...but the craziest one of all is the official theory." <<<

To a kook like you, sure it's "crazy". That's because it actually
relies on something called THE ACTUAL EVIDENCE in the case (as opposed
to made-up claptrap gushed forth by conspiracy-happy kooks).

After all, why would anyone even BEGIN to suspect dear sweet Lee
Oswald of any wrong-doing on 11/22/63? It was only HIS gun on the
6th Floor, shells from HIS gun in the Sniper's Nest, HIS prints all over
the exact same teeny-tiny area where JFK's assassin was located during
the assassination itself, HIS gun that killed Tippit, HIS bullets in the
limousine where the President was shot, HIS bullet in the hospital
where the victims were taken, HIS face identified as the one and only
killer of Tippit, and HIS face identified by Howard Brennan as JFK's
murderer too.

Yeah....Rob's right. I've got "nothing".

It's a wonder the silly ol' Warren Commission got ANYBODY to believe
such flimsy, threadbare evidence...isn't it Rob?

>>> "Maybe the cop that found [the Tippit shells] and initialed them only to have other bullets entered as evidence..." <<<

More extraordinary conclusions arrived at by a mega-kook (when
ordinary scenarios can work just as easily...even better). Go figure.

And there's no proof that Officer Poe marked ANY shells on Tenth
Street on November 22. Maybe he did mark them; but maybe he didn't.
Poe just flat-out wasn't sure. I showed you his WC testimony
previously...which you totally ignored, no doubt. Here it is again

JOE BALL -- "Did you put any markings on the hulls?"

J.M. POE -- "I couldn't swear to it; no, sir."


MR. BALL -- "Did you make a mark?"

MR. POE -- "I can't swear to it; no, sir."

MR. BALL -- "But there is a mark on two of these?"

MR. POE -- "There is a mark. I believe I put on them, but I couldn't
swear to it. I couldn't make them out any more."

MR. BALL -- "Now, the ones you said you made a mark on are you think
it is these two? Q-77 and Q-75?"

MR. POE -- "Yes, sir; those two there."

MR. BALL -- "Both marked Western Special? They both are marked Western


(No mention of any "automatic" shells at all. It's all in a kook's mind.)

>>> "LHO's handgun had a bent firing pin anyway." <<<

Not when he plugged Tippit four times with it.


>>> "Which witness said they saw the killer shaking out bullets? It could appear to be that way from a distance to a terrified witness as the bullets automatically eject, thus the term automatic." <<<

Good God...you really ARE clueless regarding the evidence, aren't you?
(And yet you're so POSITIVE that "LHO shot no one" on November 22nd.

Anyway, it's my job (as official "CIA/VB/FBI Disinfo Agent" for the
month of November 2007) to spoonfeed the real evidence to you kooks,
so here it is:

Virginia Davis AND Barbara Davis saw Lee Oswald (UP CLOSE, within
just a few feet of their own bodies), and both Davis girls saw Oswald
dumping shells out of his gun as LHO cut across their yard.

In both of the Davises' 11/22/63 affidavits, they mention the fact that
they saw a man crossing their yard "unloading his gun":




BARBARA DAVIS -- "I heard a shot and jumped up and heard another shot.
I put on my shoes and went to the door and I saw this man walking
across my front yard unloading a gun. .... When the police arrived, I
showed one of them where I saw this man emptying his gun and we found
a shell."

VIRGINIA DAVIS -- "We heard a shot and then another shot and ran to
the side door at Patton Street. I saw the boy cutting across our yard
and he was unloading his gun. .... Jeanette {Barbara Davis} found a
[sic] empty shell that the man had unloaded and gave it to the police.
After the police had left, I found a [sic] empty shell in our yard."


BTW, Domingo Benavides saw the killer (whom he later stated on CBS-TV
was positively LHO) dumping shells from his gun too:

BENAVIDES (Via his WC session) -- "Then I seen the man turn and walk
back to the sidewalk and go on the sidewalk and he walked maybe five
foot and then kind of stalled. He didn't exactly stop. And he threw
one shell and must have took five or six more steps and threw the
other shell up, and then he kind of stepped up to a pretty good trot
going around the corner."


>>> "12 [Tippit witnesses] initially became two, and then one, as Benevides [sic] was very hesitant and never gave a firm, definitive ID." <<<

Yes he did. Very definitively too (in front of an audience of millions
in June 1967):

EDDIE BARKER -- "Is there any doubt in your mind that Oswald was the
man you had seen shoot Tippit?"

DOMINGO BENAVIDES -- "No, sir; there was no doubt at all. Period. I
could even tell you how he combed his hair and the clothes he wore and
what-have-you and the details....and if he'd had a scar on his face, I
could have probably told you about it. You don't forget things like

>>> "You got nothing [as far as "Tippit witnesses" go]." <<<

Yeah, I've only got:

1.) Helen Markham
2.) Domingo Benavides
3.) Jack Tatum
4.) William Scoggins
5.) Ted Callaway
6.) Barbara J. Davis
7.) Virginia Davis
8.) Warren Reynolds
9.) B.M. "Pat" Patterson
10.) L.J. Lewis
11.) Harold Russell
12.) B.D. Searcy
13.) Sam Guinyard

A couple of the above Tippit murder witnesses don't fall into the
"Positive I.D. Of Oswald" category....but every one of them saw an
"Oswald-like" person with a gun either on 10th Street or on Patton
Avenue (approaching Jefferson Blvd.) on 11/22/63.

And the above-mentioned "baker's dozen" doesn't even count the Brocks
(Mary and Robert), who saw an Oz-like man passing through the Texaco
Station just after Tippit was shot, with Mary Brock positively identifying
the man she saw as Lee Harvey Oswald (via this January 1964 FBI Report).

So, as you can see, I've practically got "nothing"....right Mr. Kook?

>>> "I haven't heard this." <<<

You haven't heard much of anything, it would seem (except junk spewed
forth by conspiracy authors).

>>> "Let's see some links on the verification of the gun being the [Tippit] murder weapon." <<<




MEL EISENBERG -- "Now, for the record, these cartridge cases were
earlier identified as having been fired by the FBI in Commission
Exhibit No. 143, the revolver believed to have been used to kill
Officer Tippit. Also for the record, I obtained these cartridge cases,
both Exhibit 595, which are test cases, and Exhibit 594, which are
cases from the murder scene, from the FBI, and transmitted them
directly to Mr. Nicol for his examination. Mr. Nicol, did you examine
the cartridge cases in Exhibit 594 to determine whether they bad been
fired from the weapon in which the cartridge cases in Exhibit 595 had
been fired?"

JOSEPH D. NICOL (Independent Firearms Expert from Illinois) -- "Yes,
sir; I did."

MR. EISENBERG -- "And can you give us your conclusions?"

MR. NICOL -- "It is my opinion, based upon the similarity of class and
individual characteristics, that the four cartridge cases in 594 were
fired in the same weapon as produced the cartridge cases in 595."

[Re: the bullets recovered from Tippit's body...]

MR. NICOL -- "On specimen 602--I'm sorry--603, which I have designated
as Q-502, I found sufficient individual characteristics to lead me to
the conclusion that that projectile was fired in the same weapon
[CE143, Oswald's revolver] that fired the projectiles in 606."

MR. EISENBERG -- "That is to the exclusion of all other weapons?"

MR. NICOL -- "Yes, sir."

MR. EISENBERG -- "By the way, on the cartridge cases, that was also to
the exclusion of all other weapons?"

MR. NICOL -- "Correct."


CORTLANDT CUNNINGHAM (FBI) -- "As a result of my examination, it is my
opinion that those four cartridge eases, Commission Exhibit 594, were
fired in the revolver, Commission Exhibit 143, to the exclusion of all
other weapons."

>>> "We know they substituted the casings, since they lacked the officer's initials he put there at the crime scene." <<<

Prove that the officer (J.M. Poe) put his initials on them at the crime
scene. You can't. Even Officer Poe HIMSELF said he couldn't be sure he
marked them. Why isn't HIS OWN WORD good enough for you kooks?

>>> "I want those reports by those cops." <<<

You're the one who wants to believe that Poe initialed some
"automatic" shells....YOU find the "reports" saying so. It's not up
to me to prove your make-believe case.

I've provided Poe's WC testimony above. And there's no mention of
"automatic" shells within that testimony. Obviously, you don't want to
believe anything put forth by the evil "Government", though, right?

Anyway, the facts are still the facts...and those FACTS do not include
ANY "automatic" bullet shells. None.

Sergeant Gerald Hill, who initially (incorrectly) thought the Tippit shells
were from an automatic weapon, tried to clear up the confusion when
he said this in 1986:

"I assumed that it was an automatic simply because we had found
all the hulls in one little general area. .... If you find a cluster
of shells, you have to assume that they were fired from an automatic."
-- Quote by Gerald Hill (Taken from Dale Myers' book, "With Malice";
Pages 260-261)

>>> "I'll keep trying to enlighten you..." <<<

Oh, you mean with wondrous "enlightening" kook statements like these
gems authored by Robert Caprio?:

"LHO shot no one."

"Which witness said they saw the killer shaking out bullets?"

"It wasn't LHO that shot JDT."

"You are trying to distort evidence to make it be LHO just like the WC did."

"It was impossible since the gun had a bent firing pin."

"Let's see some links on the verification of the gun being the murder weapon."

"We know they substituted the casings."

"LBJ thought he could control him [Senator Richard Russell]."

"You are clueless."

"LHO shot no one." (This one here is worthy of a repeat performance,
due to its extreme idiocy.)


When gazing upon the assortment of oddball quotes I've offered above,
it looks like it's Robby who could use a tad bit of "enlightenment"
re. the JFK and Tippit murder cases.

But, per Rob-Kook, DVP is the one who is "clueless". Go figure.

>>> "...but I'm sure the money you make to push the official theory will make it a tough assignment." <<<

Yeah, the evil Government hasn't got anything better to spend their
money on, so they hired a few of us "clueless" LNers to type messages
at an Internet forum, to be seen by a whopping dozen or so people
per day.

For this I make $49,000 a year (dental insurance included too).

All-in-all, not a bad deal. And just for taking candy from a baby too.


David Von Pein
November 2, 2007