(PART 36)


>>> "I'm waiting for a logical LNer to explain why there was a Mauser and Springfield on the floor as well." <<<


Great. We're treated to double the kookshit regarding the make-believe
rifles now.

So now it seems we've got a kook claiming there was a Mauser AND some
other non-Carcano rifle (a Springfield?) found on the sixth floor of the
Book Depository on November 22, 1963.

I assume the kook did mean "sixth" floor when he said "on the floor"
in his post. Is that right, Mr. K?

Perhaps Rob C. would like to take a listen to Seymour Weitzman's words,
as Weitzman explains the whole "Mauser" mistake (via a CBS-TV news
special in June of 1967):

SEYMOUR WEITZMAN -- "Mr. Boone was climbing on top and I was down on
my knees looking. And I moved a box and he moved a carton, and there
it was. And he, in turn, hollered we had found the rifle."

EDDIE BARKER (CBS NEWS) -- "What kind of gun did you think it was?"

MR. WEITZMAN -- "To my sorrow, I looked at it and it looked like a
Mauser, which I said it was. But I said the wrong one; because just at
a glance, I saw the Mauser action....and, I don't know, it just came
out as words it was a German Mauser. Which it wasn't. It's an Italian
type gun. But from a glance, it's hard to describe; and that's all I
saw, was at a glance. I was mistaken. And it was proven that my
statement was a mistake; but it was an honest mistake."



I guess Weitzman continued to lie on national TV too, right Rob? But,
why would he even agree to appear on that TV special if he knew he'd
have to lie (again) about the "Mauser"? Why not just say "No thanks"
when he was asked to appear? Go figure that.

>>> "They found no fingerprints on the gun [LHO's rifle]." <<<

Bullshit. And you know what you said is pure Bullshit too. But that
won't stop you from saying it...over and over again, will it?

>>> "...If they did find them [LHO's prints] on the bag, it could have been laying around the floor and he could have moved it; he did work there." <<<

LOL break. The kooks will go MILES out of their way to believe the
silliest of things, rather than gaze squarely at Occam's handy Razor,
won't they? A-ma-zing.

I'll repeat this one more time (I like the wording of it, and the
built-in common-sense factor as well):

"I'm eagerly awaiting the logical and believable CT explanation
that will answer the question of why that 38-inch brown paper sack
(which could house Oswald's 34.8-inch disassembled rifle), with
Oswald's fingerprints on it, was in the place where it was found after
the assassination -- the Sniper's Nest -- and yet still NOT have
Oswald present at the SN window on November 22nd, 1963. I, for one,
cannot think of a single "Oswald's Innocent" explanation for that bag
being where it was found after the shooting, and with Lee Harvey
Oswald's fingerprints on it."
-- David V.P.; May 2005

>>> "Now we hear there is a picture and a movie showing that [19-year-old TSBD worker Buell Wesley] Frazier may be in the window himself. He may have lied about the whole curtain rod story." <<<

Oh good! A new pile of made-up conspiracy dung. What's not to love
about this?! If this post of Robby's that I'm responding to gets any
deeper in CT Crap, I'm going to have to call the fire department's
rescue squad to come and pull me out of it.

>>> "I could show you that photo where two men are in the window and you still won't believe it." <<<

Darn right I won't. And that's because no such photo exists that provably
shows "two men" in the Sniper's-Nest window (or any sixth-floor window)
on November 22, 1963. Period.

(BTW, somebody call 911, quick. It looks like I'm definitely going to
need that rescue squad.)

But, keep the CT dream alive, Rob. After all, your dreams are all
you've got to cling to (along with assorted vanishing bullets and
several disappearing assassins).

Tomorrow on "The Kook Channel":


I look forward to that episode, too. Hopefully, Marina will be accused
of being Ruth's "spotter" in the Dal-Tex, too. That'd be a fun twist.

But you should get some rest now, Mr. Kook. Additional made-up
conspiracy dreck can wait until tomorrow.

David Von Pein
November 3, 2007