(PART 30)


>>> "Too bad you can't respond to Kellerman say[ing] there was a flurry of bullets. .... Kellerman said JFK was wounded four times..." <<<


ARLEN SPECTER. Mr. Kellerman, you said earlier that there were at least
two additional shots. Is there any area in your mind or possibility,
as you recollect that situation, that there could have been more than
two shots, or are you able to say with any certainty?

ROY KELLERMAN. I am going to say that I have, from the firecracker
report and the two other shots that I know, those were three shots.
But, Mr. Specter, if President Kennedy had from all reports four
wounds, Governor Connally three, there have got to be more than three
shots, gentlemen. .... President Kennedy had four wounds, two in the
head and shoulder and the neck. Governor Connally, from our reports,
had three. There have got to be more than three shots. ....

Mr. SPECTER. You have drawn a conclusion, in effect, by saying that
there were four wounds for the President and three wounds for the
Governor; and from that, you say there must have been more than three
shots in your opinion or your view. But my question is: Do you have
any current recollection of having heard more than three shots?

Mr. KELLERMAN. No, I don't. I will have to say no.

Senator COOPER. Has that been your recollection from the very time of
the shooting?

Mr. KELLERMAN. No, sir; it has been my opinion.

Senator COOPER. Not your opinion, but from the time of the shooting
you think then that you heard only three shots, or did you--


Senator COOPER. Or did you ever think that you heard more than three?

Mr. KELLERMAN. No, sir; I can't say that, sir.

Mr. SPECTER. Now, you referred to four wounds, Mr. Kellerman,
realizing, of course, your characterization is only lay opinion.

Mr. KELLERMAN. Very true.



So, let's go back and evaluate Kellerman's testimony a little bit more:

Via the totality of Kellerman's words, he said he heard a total of
"three shots" (the "flurry" notwithstanding).

And Kellerman's opinion (repeated below) regarding the number of
gunshots (bullets) that in his opinion MUST have caused all of these
various wounds on the two victims (with Kellerman saying that more
than 3 shots HAD to have been fired in order to cause that many wounds
in 2 victims) has been proven to be factually incorrect, because tests
have positively shown that just TWO bullets could have caused all of
the wounds suffered by John F. Kennedy and John B. Connally:

"President Kennedy had four wounds, two in the head and shoulder and the neck. Governor Connally, from our reports, had three. There have got to be more than three shots."

Therefore, other than the "flurry" comment, Roy Kellerman isn't a bad
witness for the "Lone Assassin" side at all.

>>> "And JFK was missing the right back of his head." <<<

Then where is that huge hole in the back of his head? Where? No autopsy
photo or X-ray shows a large wound in the BACK of the President's head
(including the picture that centers on the hole in JFK's upper back, which
is a photo that I do not believe has any of the doctors HOLDING ON TO
KENNEDY'S SCALP, which is occurring in the color photo of Kennedy's
head below):

And where's that "BOH hole" mentioned within the text of the autopsy
? Where?

You conspiracy kooks have no choice but to believe in MULTIPLE
extraordinary things:

If you want to believe that there was really a large hole in the back
part of John Kennedy's head, and if you want to believe that JFK was
shot in the head from the FRONT instead of from BEHIND (which are
things that all of you kooks DO, of course, want to believe)....then
you've got no choice but to think that ALL THREE autopsy doctors lied
many different times, including the whopper of a lie they must have
told, per you kooks, in the official autopsy report, when they said

"It is our opinion that the deceased died as a result of two perforating gunshot wounds. .... The projectiles were fired from a point behind and somewhat above the level of the deceased."

And then you kooks must also think that Dr. Humes continued the lie
four years later when he said this to Dan Rather and a CBS-TV audience
of millions in 1967:

DR. JAMES J. HUMES -- "There was only one entrance wound in the head;
yes, sir."

DAN RATHER -- "And that was where?"

DR. HUMES -- "That was posterior, about two-and-a-half centimeters to
the right of the mid-line posteriorly."

DAN RATHER -- "And the exit wound?"

DR. HUMES -- "And the exit wound was a large, irregular wound to the
front and right side of the President's head."

DAN RATHER -- "Now can you be absolutely certain that the wound you
describe as the entry wound was in FACT that?"

DR. HUMES -- "Yes, indeed, we can. Very precisely and
incontrovertibly. The missile traversed the skin and then traversed
the bony skull....and as it passed through the skull it produced a
characteristic coning or bevelling effect on the inner aspect of the
skull. Which is scientific evidence that the wound was made from
behind and passed forward through the President's skull."

DAN RATHER -- "This is very important....you say there's scientific
evidence....is it conclusive scientific evidence?"

DR. HUMES -- "Yes, sir; it is."

DAN RATHER -- "Is there any doubt that the wound at the back of the
President's head was the entry wound?"

DR. HUMES -- "There is absolutely no doubt, sir."

"A CBS News Inquiry: The Warren Report"


And then, too, the JFK conspiracy-loving kooks of the universe must
also believe that the autopsy photos AND the X-rays of President
Kennedy's head (which depict no large 'BOH' wound at all) are fakes,
despite the HSCA saying this in 1978:

"To summarize, the skull and torso radiographs taken at autopsy match the available ante mortem films of the President in such a wealth of intricate morphological detail that there can be no reasonable doubt that they are in fact X-rays of John F. Kennedy, and no other person. .... The experts concluded that the autopsy photographs and X-rays were authentic and unaltered, confirming the observations of the autopsy personnel and providing additional support for the conclusions of the medical consultants." -- HSCA Report; Volume VII

I guess the kooks must also think that this entire lengthy HSCA report
regarding the autopsy pictures/X-rays is nothing but a pile of crap, right?

That's a lot of "extraordinary" stuff to believe, don't you think?
E.G.: Fake official autopsy photographs, fake X-rays, an autopsy
report which is nothing but a total pack of lies with respect to the
key issues that need to be determined via JFK's autopsy (i.e., where
were the wounds on the body and which wounds were entry wounds
and which were exit wounds), a batch of autopsy doctors who told
one lie after another about the President's wounds, and a batch of
no-good, useless investigators for both the Warren Commission and
the HSCA.

Yeah....believing in all of the above extraordinary things (one on top
of the other) is a lot more reasonable than to think that a couple of
Secret Service agents (in the heat of a traumatic moment) got a few
things wrong on November 22nd.

But to an eager conspiracy theorist worth his salt, it's always best
to gobble up that chaff, while allowing every scrap of wheat to roll
right on by.

David Von Pein
November 1, 2007