(PART 33)


>>> "He [Roy Kellerman] said JFK had 4 wounds, you guys say 2." <<<


You're an idiot.

LNers know that President Kennedy had FOUR separate "wounds" on his
body -- 2 inshoots (entries) and 2 outshoots (exits).

Kellerman didn't say he thought JFK had "four ENTRY holes" in his

Worth repeating....

You're an idiot.

>>> "Like faking evidence is so far fetched....isn't that what got
O.J. off?" <<<

No. It certainly didn't. Because not a single piece of evidence was
"faked" in the O.J. case at all. And furthermore, Simpson's Scheme
Team of defense lawyers failed miserably to prove that any evidence
was faked (or even significantly "mishandled" in any fashion).

O.J. "got off" due to the slimy, underhanded tactics of Johnnie
Cochran and Company....plus the fact that the prosecution team was
pretty much totally inept and failed to present some of the BEST
evidence favoring Simpson's obvious guilt (e.g., the police interview,
where O.J. admitted to dripping blood on the very night of the
murders; and the Bronco chase, which reeks of Simpson's guilt).

Plus, the jury was awful and filled with halfwits as well, which
certainly didn't make things any better for the prosecution either.

>>> "You're calling a heck of a lot more people liars, like the emergency room team at Parkland, Jackie, Hill, Kellerman, all the people who prepped JFK for Bethesda, and the embalmer. You're calling way more people liars than I am." <<<

I never once called any of those people "liars". Never.

And that's because none of them were "liars". They were merely WRONG
about certain things. Simple as that.

>>> "So Jackie got it wrong, all the doctors and nurses at Parkland got it wrong, the staff that prepared the body for its flight to Bethesda got it wrong, the non-doctors at Bethesda who have said they saw a major wound in the back of the head got it wrong and the embalmer got it wrong. Who's the kook now?" <<<

Oh, you still are. Without question. (I'm surprised you had to ask.)

You're still the kook mainly due to the following two things:

1.) Because you fail to accept the BEST evidence in the case (e.g.,
the AUTHENTICATED photos of the dead President, the autopsy report,
the never-wavering "LN-favoring" comments from the autopsy doctors
themselves over the years, the huge amount of "IT WAS ONLY OSWALD"
evidence that's piled up against the door, plus Oswald's own guilty
actions and provable lies that show him to be guilty beyond all
reasonable doubt).


2.) Because you actually believe that a vast number of people (from
various organizations and law-enforcement departments and other
entities) wanted to frame some innocent "patsy" named Oswald for
John F. Kennedy's murder.

The belief in that kind of an all-encompassing "LET'S GET OSWALD" plot
will make you a "kook" for all time. Bank on it.

David Von Pein
November 2007