(PART 41)


>>> "It [Neches St.] did intersect it [Beckley Ave.] in 1963." <<<


No it didn't. And the Warren Commission pointed out that fact right in
the Warren Report itself (on page 162).

Plus: Keep in mind that Whaley didn't only do a re-creation of the
drive to Oak Cliff for the movie "Four Days In November", but Whaley
also re-created the November 22 cab ride for the Warren Commission.

And guess where Whaley directed the driver of the car to go? He
directed him to stop near the intersection of Neely and N. Beckley,
just exactly as Whaley did for the movie "Four Days" and just exactly
as Whaley did on November 22, 1963, when he drove Lee Harvey Oswald
across the Houston Street viaduct from downtown Dallas to Oak Cliff.

CE1119-A provides excellent details of Oswald's movements after he
left the Book Depository....and that chart/exhibit shows that Oswald
got out of Whaley's taxicab at NEELY & BECKLEY at approx. 12:54 PM.

The walk back to LHO's roominghouse was re-created by WC counsel
members, and it took 5 minutes and 45 seconds....which would have
placed Oswald back home at approx. 12:59:45 PM.

He was probably in that shoebox of a room for no more than 1 minute
(tops), and probably (IMO) closer to only 30 seconds (Earlene Roberts'
"3 to 4 minutes" testimony notwithstanding), which would have given
Oswald ample time to travel the 0.85 of a mile to Tenth Street to kill
Officer Tippit.

The trip from 1026 Beckley to the Tippit murder site on 10th St. has
been re-created several times by different people (with varying
results, depending upon the pace, of course), and the excursion has
taken as little as 11 minutes.

To quote from Dale Myers' masterpiece of a book ("With Malice") ---
"A number of studies have determined that it would have taken Oswald
twelve minutes at a brisk walk to reach the corner of Tenth and Patton."

So even if Mrs. Roberts was exactly correct, and Oswald had stayed in
his room for as long as "3 to 4 minutes", the timeline would still be
just about right for Oswald having enough time to get from 1026
Beckley (at approx. 1:03 or 1:04 PM) to Tenth Street (at approx. 1:15
PM, which is when Tippit was slain).

In fact, per the re-creations that have been done, the timeline is
just about spot-on perfect, right down to the minute. Which, in
actuality, it really SHOULD be, with very little leftover time at all.

Because I think we can all agree that Oswald, after leaving his
roominghouse, wasn't merely standing still for 11 or 12 full minutes.
Nor was he walking up and down Beckley Avenue in front of his
roominghouse while picking his nose. He was undoubtedly moving at a
relatively brisk clip as he tried to put some DISTANCE between himself
and the roominghouse he had just left.

David Von Pein
November 2007