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Can [conspiracy theorist] Ben [Holmes] produce more than one witness that says they saw two people shoot Tippit?


In reality, Ben can't produce even ONE such witness, because Acquilla Clemons can't be placed in that category either. Clemons (or maybe it's spelled "Clemmons", I've never been quite certain of the spelling) didn't see TWO GUNS in the hands of TWO MEN at the Tippit murder scene. She claimed to see two men, yes, but only one had a gun in his hands.

BTW, I think a quote from the man who probably knows more about the Tippit murder than anyone else alive--Dale Myers--is in order here. Per Mr. Myers' book "With Malice" (the only book ever written specifically about the murder of J.D. Tippit), we find this interesting paragraph:

"In assessing Acquilla Clemmons' story, it is worth noting that she was the ONLY witness who claimed that two men were involved in the shooting. Many eyewitnesses, who were considerably closer to the scene, concur that only one man was involved in Tippit's death." -- Dale K. Myers; Page 72 of "With Malice: Lee Harvey Oswald And The Murder Of Officer J.D. Tippit" (c.1998)

Mr. Myers, on page 73 of "With Malice", deals in some depth with the eyewitness account of C. Frank Wright (who lived at 501 East Tenth Street, near the Tippit murder scene).

Myers has a fairly lengthy direct quote from Wright, which was taken from an interview Wright had with George and Patricia Nash (with that interview being printed in the October 12, 1964, edition of a publication called "The New Leader").

In that interview, Wright never once mentions seeing TWO men being involved in the killing of Officer Tippit.

Check out "With Malice" for many, many more details regarding the Tippit slaying. Everything is covered in depth by Dale Myers in that book. It should be required reading for every kook in the world who currently belongs in the "Oswald Didn't Shoot Anybody On November 22, 1963" club.

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David Von Pein
November 2007