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What makes the photo [above] interesting is that this is an announced route of the President, and you can see people in the windows behind him. Just further evidence that the kook claim that the protection Kennedy received at Dallas was uncommonly lax is just one more kook myth.



And here's another pre-Nov. 22 example of the same thing (during a very crowded parade in Ireland in the summer of '63). Note the large number of people in EVERY single window on the right-hand side of this photo:

I guess the Secret Service didn't give a damn about DOZENS of people hanging their heads out of wide-open windows as the President passed slowly below them on the street. And my "dozens" number comes from just the above picture alone. The number was undoubtedly HUNDREDS, if not thousands, of people who were watching JFK in that Ireland motorcade from open windows above street level when the entire length of the caravan is taken into account.

So much for Fletcher Prouty's idiocy regarding SS procedure, when Prouty said the following in an interview a few years ago (paraphrasing): "Every window would be closed along the parade route, and if a window was suddenly opened, there would be an agent in that room immediately and the window would be closed."


Another picture I've also found very interesting is the one below, which was taken in Dallas on 11/22/63, just as JFK's limo is about to enter the intersection of Main & Houston Streets. Take note of the multiple parade-watchers (at least 8, and probably more) who are hanging out of the second-floor window of the building on the left side of this photograph:

And since the limo is about to make its 90-degree turn from Main onto Houston just seconds after the above picture was taken, the car was obviously moving very, very slowly as it entered the intersection.

I can just envision one of those 8+ individuals who were hanging out of those several 2nd-story windows having a gun and taking a shot at the President.

It would have been a turkey shoot from that distance and elevated position....and the same can be said of anyone who wanted to take a pot-shot at Kennedy during that motorcade in Ireland too. The car must have been crawling along at a near standstill at that moment, due to the intense crowds that were pressing up against the limousine.

So, once again, conspiracy theorists are dead wrong when they claim that the security precautions in Dallas were any different whatsoever insofar as the supposed Secret Service rule (or at least an ENFORCED rule adhered to in every motorcade by the Secret Service) of No Open Windows Allowed Along A Motorcade Route.

But it sounds good anyway (to the conspiracy-lovers) to pretend that November 22nd was vastly different in this "open windows" regard than it was in any of the many pre-11/22 parades that Kennedy travelled in while driving with the top down.

David Von Pein
August 17, 2008