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>>> "Are you all right?" <<<


I was going to ask you the same question. ;)

Another additional random thought regarding John Canal and JFK's head:

It's also rather remarkable (in an "Every Piece Of Photographic Evidence IN TANDEM Is Proving John Canal To Be Wrong About His Theory" kind of a way) that the bullet-fragment trail just happens to be HIGH in JFK's head via the lateral X-ray, instead of where it probably SHOULD be located if John Canal is correct about the entry wound really being located much lower.

But, of course, John can explain away this total lack of a low bullet-fragment trail, by speculating that the explosion of the head after the bullet struck the President's skull resulted in ALL of the metal fragments being moved northward in Mr. Kennedy's cranium, leaving no sign of any metallic trail at the actual point of entry.

Plus: the metal fragments, after being pushed upward by this explosive thrust (per John Canal), somehow managed to line themselves up to form a very nice-looking "high-to-low", "back-to-front" kind of arrangement in the X-ray, located high in the skull cavity of the President, near the cowlick entry site endorsed by the HSCA, thereby fooling Dr. Baden and various other pathologists who have examined the X-rays since 1963.

In short, the number of things in John Canal's filing cabinet marked "The Photos And X-rays We Have At Our Disposal On The Internet Aren't Really Showing The True Nature Of JFK's Head Wounds" is quite a voluminous number.

I'm just wondering how large that number must reach before John realizes that he's barking up the wrong tree (and the wrong BOH theory)?

David Von Pein
August 15, 2008