(PART 291)


>>> "Why, if the entry in the back of JFK's head was much more towards (or in) the cowlick than near the EOP, can a trail of tiny opacities be seen on the lateral X-ray extending anteriorly from near the EOP with no such trail being seen at any other proposed entry site?" <<<


I guess John Canal can't tell "high" from "low" when looking at the
following pictures of the JFK head X-ray in question....because my
eyes are seeing a trail of tiny fragments (or "opacities", to use
John's all-time favorite word) that are HIGH inside John Kennedy's
cranium, not low....which is a fragment trail (either bone or metal or
both) that is perfectly consistent with a bullet entry wound near the

Two versions of the X-ray:

Where is this supposed low-on-the-head "trail of tiny
opacities...extending anteriorly from near the EOP" on either version
of the lateral X-ray depicted in the photos above? Where? I see
no such trail of fragments/opacities.

So....should I get better eyeglasses? Or is the evidence being
misinterpreted and/or misrepresented by Mr. John Canal (and possibly
others as well)?

My surmise is this -- Mr. Canal is seeing things that aren't there
(once again). Just like he sees enough substantial cracks and
fractures in the far-right-rear portion of the dead President's skull
in the same X-rays above to opine that a goodly-sized chunk of
that skull could have departed Mr. Kennedy's head and stuck to his
scalp during the autopsy, with that large chunk of skull then being re-
inserted into its proper place on JFK's head prior to that X-ray photo
being taken.

Well, as the saying goes....Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Perhaps, in this instance, invisible fracture lines and impossible-to-
see "opacities" near the EOP are in the eye of the beholder as well.

David Von Pein
August 12, 2008