(PART 299)


>>> "Ok, back to that same fracture (the lower of the two parallel ones), i.e. the one that split the entry. That fracture was probably, if not undoubtedly, the lower margin of the bone piece in his BOH that moved out of position...[blah-blah-more utter nonsense spewed forth by John "BOH/LN" Canal...]..." <<<


I'll stop you right there if you don't mind (or even if you do), Johnny. That endless unsupportable type of crap hurts my head. So, excuse me while I take a break so I can barf.

(Thank you.)

As I said the other day -- the more this "Large BOH" silliness is discussed, the more comical it gets.

>>> "If there are any lurkers out there, I hope I didn't confuse you and helped keep you from swallowing what DVP was trying to feed you." <<<

All that I (or any reasonable person) really need to feed them are these two photos (over and over again). Because these two items totally destroy your strange BOH/LN theory, and they always shall, because they're not going anyplace:

The above pictures aren't lying. They aren't fakes. There is no large BOH wound. It is not there.

In order for John Canal (or ANY of the Parkland witnesses) to be correct, we'd have to believe in an incredible photographic DOUBLE-miracle with regard to the above two pictures....which are photos that, in their totality, are telling the world that JFK had no great-big hole at the right-rear portion of his head. And that photographic miracle is this:

BOTH pictures--which are genuine, unaltered pictures as Mr. Canal agrees and are perfectly "in sync" with one another in an undeniable and very easy-to-see "THERE IS POSITIVELY NO LARGE WOUND IN THE FAR-RIGHT-REAR PART OF JFK'S CRANIUM IN THESE PICTURES" fashion--are somehow NOT telling us the truth with respect to the true nature of President Kennedy's head wounds that he sustained in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

If ONE of those two images was degraded in some way (because of having been endlessly copied or whatever other reason for degradation), okay.

But BOTH of those two images providing the very same type of FALSE and MISLEADING information regarding the SAME area of John Kennedy's head???

Is that likely, Mr. Canal? I ask you.

Why did I even ask? We all know the subsequent answer, don't we? John C. wants a great-big hole in the back of JFK's head....so, by golly, he's going to PUT one there, and to hell with the two images shown above.

Right, John?

Thank you....and Godspeed.

David Von Pein
August 16, 2008