(PART 287)


>>> "And likewise how your WC defender buddies can look at the Betzner and Willis photos and claim that Black Dog Man does not exist." <<<


Does this mean that you think that Black Dog Man is an assassin, Tony? (Yes, I'm jumping the gun a little there. But it's a good place for me to enter the comments below re BDM anyway, so I'll use your "BDM" reference as my springboard.) ;)

If the so-called "Black Dog Man" was really a person firing a gun at JFK, why did he choose such a crazy, illogical place to shoot the President from?

I.E., he chose to fire a gun (or was it a flechette?) at John Kennedy from right out there in the open where everybody with one working eyeball can get a good look at him as he fires away at the President??

Was he suicidal? Or was the picket fence area so crowded with shooters that BDM had no choice but to abandon the protection of the wooden fence and was forced to shoot from the ultra-crappy location that he chose to shoot from (with nothing but a very-low retaining wall for cover)?

Many conspiracy theorists DO, indeed, believe that "BDM" is an actual shooter. But just one second's worth of logical thinking will dispel that notion for all time.

David Von Pein
July 21, 2008