(PART 294)


>>> "He [Vince Bugliosi] did say in his letter back to me after he had briefly looked over the material I sent him that he doubted he'd be changing anything he wrote in RH. That said, when he reads just how someone who is arguably his no. 1 fan keeps embarrassing himself trying to futilely defend one of his [VB's] conclusions, he may reconsider, just to throw "numero uno" a rope, so to speak---anyway, I thought it was worth a try. I mailed him my cover letter and your highly-intellectual contribution to this debate today." <<<



Somehow John Canal thinks I'm "embarrassing" myself by pointing out
the absurdities of his impossible-to-prove (albeit, quite unique)
"Large BOH/LN" combo theory.

That's a howl.

And evidently I'm supposed to be "embarrassed" (somehow) by AGREEING
WITH the following words which appear in Mr. Bugliosi's JFK book:

"Not only do the autopsy photos and X-rays definitively show
that the entrance wound is in the upper part of the president's skull,
but they show a bullet track..."only in the upper portion of the
skull" [a quote from Dr. Baden]."
-- VB; Page 395 of "RH"

And I'm also, per Mr. Canal, supposed to be in need of a
"rope" (lifeline), to be thrown my way by Mr. Bugliosi....even though
I'm in 100% AGREEMENT with VB's position regarding the location of the
entry wound on the back of JFK's head.

That's weird, John. Really weird.

David Von Pein
August 14, 2008