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>>> "I'm going to ask VB [Vincent Bugliosi] to show some mercy and not let his fans continue to be publicly embarrassed trying to defend ridiculous conclusions like the cowlick entry....and, a[c]cordingly, make a written statement saying, at the very least, he acknowledges there is a strong possibility the autopsy docs were correct [on the entry]....if not a probability that they were [correct]." <<<


John Canal, via his correspondence with Vincent Bugliosi, apparently thinks that Vince is suddenly going to change his tune about the location of the head entry wound, which would be a direct contradiction of his own conclusions that are revealed on Pages 394 to 396 of VB's "magnum opus" and "book for the ages", "RECLAIMING HISTORY", even though the autopsy picture of the back of JFK's head and the autopsy report (in TANDEM) are undeniable PROOF that the entry-wound location on the back of John Kennedy's head was near the cowlick....i.e., the red spot seen in this photograph, high on the President's head:

The autopsy report provides the "in tandem with the photo" proof via these emphasized words that were written in November 1963 (my emphasis added):

"Situated in the posterior scalp approximately 2.5 cm. laterally to the right and SLIGHTLY ABOVE the external occipital protuberance is a lacerated wound measuring 15 x 6 mm."

Here's a direct quotation from Mr. Bugliosi's book, which is a quote that Mr. Canal is hoping that Vince will completely reverse (along with multiple other related quotes in the book that are connected with this "head entry wound" topic on Pages 394-396, plus the endnotes as well), since the idea of a cowlick-area entry is so "ridiculous" (per Mr. Canal):

"Not only do the autopsy photos and X-rays definitively show that the entrance wound is in the upper part of the president's skull, but they show a bullet track (deposit of small metal fragments as the bullet proceeded forward) "only in the upper portion of the skull" [a quote from Dr. Michael Baden's HSCA testimony]." -- VINCENT T. BUGLIOSI; PAGE 395 OF "RECLAIMING HISTORY" (c.2007)

David Von Pein
August 13, 2008