(PART 290)


>>> "Bud, when you answer questions with questions you show how impotent your position really is." <<<


What good would lengthier and more drawn-out, detailed answers do you kooks anyway? You're still going to believe in the make-believe conspiracy you've always believed in -- no matter what any LNer says.

The above fact is obvious in the wake of Vincent Bugliosi's magnificent and all-encompassing treatment of the JFK case and its dozens upon dozens of idiotic conspiracy-flavored theories. Vince lays out the case for Oswald's lone guilt in the JFK and J.D. Tippit murders in very healthy doses. But what good does it do kooks like the ones here at acj?

Answer: No good at all.

The Kook Brigade will just sidestep all of the pro-LN stuff in "Reclaiming History" and latch on to the very few things that VB didn't cover the way a kook thinks it SHOULD have been covered, and--Voila!--there's the CTers' loophole that they'll use to disregard all of the other powerful evidence of LNism that DOES reside within the pages of Mr. Bugliosi's fabulous tome.

Bud, of course, predicted that that very thing would, indeed, occur....even long before VB's book was published.

I, on the other hand, like a fool I suppose (or maybe it was just giving the CT-Kooks too much credit for being able to finally see the obvious), actually stated my belief back in 2004 and 2005 that Vincent's book would, indeed, turn a few CT-Kooks into reasonable-thinking lone-assassin believers.

But around these parts, other than Vince Palamara*, I don't see any signs of any CTers growing any brain cells as a result of VB's 21-year-long effort. (Partly due to the fact, no doubt, that no CTer here has even bothered to read all of VB's book.)

* = And as I've said before in other posts, I have my doubts that Vince P. made the full-fledged turn toward 100% sanity and the LN position, because I don't think he ever did....or ever will.

Anyway, LNers have provided lengthier answers to the questions that the conspiracy kooks continue to recycle year after year....like my two posts HERE and HERE. But, as Vince Bugliosi has said in the past, talking to a CTer is like talking to a man without ears.

David Von Pein
July 27, 2008