(PART 288)


>>> "Explain why nearly 50 law enforcement officers searched the knoll area moments after the shots while only a small number went to the TSBD." <<<


50? I think that that total of "nearly 50" is probably a tad bit "kook
inflated" (as per their norm). But I haven't counted them up recently.

But, anyway, the answer is obvious -- many of those witnesses
(officers) did, indeed, THINK they heard shots (ALL of the shots,
which we know is a wrong assumption) coming from the Knoll area. But
they were wrong. Period. And simple. Even for a simpleton like Rob.

And some of those many "Knoll Stormers" were probably merely playing
follow-the-leader too, without having a firm opinion as to the exact
source of the gunfire they heard. Like a good car wreck, rubber-
necking was bound to follow....and since several people did, indeed,
initially run toward the Knoll, that's where others went also.

I've also asked this in the past too, and I'll ask it again:

If you had just heard gunfire from a rifle in a certain location, and
therefore were pretty certain that an assassin with a weapon was in
that area, would you have ANY DESIRE WHATSOEVER to start running
directly toward the place where the assassin was located?

Yes, a police officer would want to do that very thing (it's his job,
naturally). But what about the regular, ordinary citizens who ran
toward the Knoll that day? Their "job" wasn't to apprehend the

Call me a coward, but the VERY LAST PLACE I'd want to be located at
that precise moment in history (i.e., a few seconds after the
President of the United States had been gunned down) would be the
exact spot where I thought the murderer had just fired a rifle from.
That's just nuts. And potential suicide.

Which, again, lends credence to the "They Were Merely Following The
Leader Toward The Knoll Without Really Knowing If A Killer Was Located
There" theory.

BTW, what evidence of a shooter did those "nearly 50" (??) officers
find on the Knoll?


What evidence of a gunman did the searchers of the 6th Floor of the
TSBD find?

Again....simple. Even for a kook.

David Von Pein
July 21, 2008