(PART 788)


David, around here, the battle is not between nutters and critics. It is between those who seek the truth and those who do not. .... Which "side" are you on David?


I'm on the side where all of the common sense resides.

And I'm on the side where all of the physical evidence resides too -- the "Lone Assassin Named Oswald" side.

You, Robert Harris, have added in a bunch of gunshots that only exist in your conspiracy-oriented mind, and nowhere else.

But at the end of the day you're still left having to explain the PHYSICAL EVIDENCE, which is physical evidence that does NOT support "conspiracy" in the JFK murder case.

The physical evidence--all of it--conclusively supports the following conclusion:

Lee Harvey Oswald took his own rifle to work with him on 11/22/63 and fired three shots from that gun at John F. Kennedy, killing the President with the third shot.


Your theory about a shooter in the Dal-Tex Building AND another shooter in front of JFK's car doesn't make any logical sense at all, especially your theory that has a series of SILENCED shots coming from the Dal-Tex.

Here's why your theory is illogical from the get-go (no matter which way you choose to go with respect to the question of: "Was Lee Harvey Oswald just a patsy?"):

1.) If Oswald was being framed as a lone patsy for President Kennedy's assassination, then your theory involving at least two other gunmen (besides Oswald) falls to pieces right off the bat -- because there's no way in the world that any sane and rational "plotters" are going to risk shooting at JFK from at least THREE directions (using at least THREE different guns, of course) and then expect all of the evidence to lead back to JUST THE PATSY named Oswald in the Book Depository. That idea is nuts on its face. (And somebody should go inform Oliver Stone of this fact asap, too.)

2.) And if Oswald wasn't being "set up" to take the lone fall for JFK's murder, then there would be absolutely no reason under the moon for any of the Dealey Plaza shooters to be using SILENCERS on their weapons. (Silencers, as you rightly point out in your video, can cause serious problems with the guns they are attached to, often resulting in the target being missed entirely.)

As a further reminder to Bob Harris and all other conspiracy theorists, I offer up the following two images, which are images that (in tandem) tell an important and often-overlooked story with respect to where the evidence leads in the murder case of John F. Kennedy:

Maybe it's time to face facts, Robert -- your theories about the way John Kennedy died simply do not mesh with the hard facts and evidence connected to the President's assassination.

How many more years will you keep pretending that your subjective theories are a legitimate substitute for the real facts and evidence in the JFK case?

David Von Pein
December 7-8, 2009