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The FBI used 3 degrees, the Warren Commission used 3 degrees, and Dale K. Myers used 3 degrees. You are the only one I know of using 3.9 [for the slope of Elm Street].


I was incorrect previously. The downward grade of Elm Street as of May 24, 1964, was 3-degrees, 9-minutes (which translates to 3.15 degrees). So, the Elm Street grade wasn't almost 4 degrees, but it certainly was more than 3.0 degrees as of 5/24/64.

Lyndal Shaneyfelt's 6/4/64 Warren Commission testimony actually is a bit confusing on this issue, because at one point Shaneyfelt says the street grade is "3.9...almost 4 [degrees]", but then quickly corrects himself (at 5 H 160):

ARLEN SPECTER -- "When you say approximately is that because the adjustment is somewhat greater than 3 degrees?"


SPECTER -- "How much is it exactly, if you know?"

SHANEYFELT -- "It is 3.9. It is almost 4."

SPECTER -- "Three degrees, nine minutes?"

SHANEYFELT -- "Three degrees, nine minutes. I am sorry."


Vincent Bugliosi, the author of the JFK Bible ("Reclaiming History"), has also made the same mistake I made earlier regarding the angle of declination on Elm Street in Dallas, Texas, with Bugliosi saying the following on page 460 of his book (in addition to saying the same thing during several of his radio appearances while promoting his book in 2007):

"For years, books and assassination researchers have loosely said 3 degrees, and I was guilty of this myself [at the 1986 TV docu-trial, "On Trial: Lee Harvey Oswald"]. But actually, the degree of declination [of Elm Street] was found to be 3.9 degrees (WR, p.106), which is almost 4 degrees." -- Vincent T. Bugliosi; Page 460 of "Reclaiming History" (footnote)

Mr. Bugliosi, in the above book excerpt, cites page 106 of the Warren Commission Report for his determination that Elm Street was sloped at an angle of "3.9 degrees". But when we turn to page 106 of the Warren Report, we see the proper measurement of 3°9′.

Vince B., just like I have done in the past as well, has misinterpreted the 3°9′ notation in the Warren Report to mean 3-and-9-tenths degrees. But 3°9′ (i.e., 3 degrees, 9 minutes) actually equals 3.15 degrees (there are 60 minutes in 1 degree), which, of course, is much closer to 3.0 degrees than it is 4.0 degrees.

So, as can be seen, even the author of The Bible isn't immune from making an error now and then. In fact, there are several errors in Mr. Bugliosi's massive book, but Vincent's occasional mistakes certainly by no means negate his "Oswald Did It Alone" final conclusion, which is a conclusion that is built on a solid foundation of irrefutable facts and evidence in the Kennedy and Tippit murder cases.


David, you obviously don't know math, nor do you read well. The broken 5th rib the Governor suffered was on the FRONT of his body at the exit point.


So what?

The main point I was making in an earlier post is that the angle of Bullet CE399 through Governor John B. Connally's body was 25 degrees, which is a measurement that was determined by one of Connally's doctors (Dr. Shaw) during Connally's 1964 Warren Commission session:

"During Governor Connally's appearance before the Warren Commission, Dr. Robert Shaw measured the angle of declination between the entrance and exit wounds in the governor's chest and concluded that the bullet that struck the governor proceeded on a downward angle of 25 degrees." -- Vincent Bugliosi; Page 448 of "Reclaiming History"

David Von Pein
December 2, 2009