(PART 776)


I have one word for [Robert Harris'] Z 285 shot theory:


If you [Harris] are so sure of it, take it to the DOJ and report back on this forum what they say.

Other than that, you're touting something that is nothing but a figment of your imagination, and no one's buying it.



Bob Harris is one of those conspiracy promoters who seems to think that the evidence that POSITIVELY EXISTS (e.g., the THREE bullet shells in the Sniper's Nest and bullet fragments CE567/569) is evidence that is far LESS reliable and valid than the evidence that DOES NOT exist at all (e.g., ANY credible signs at all that THREE silenced shots were fired from the Dal-Tex Building plus a shot from a sewer on Elm St., as Robert Harris purports as the absolute truth).

But we must always remember that Harris (according to Harris) knows WAY MORE than those bums who were part of the Warren Commission, HSCA, Clark Panel, and Rockefeller Commission.

Harris also doesn't even seem to realize that his theory about JFK's head-wound locations is not at all in-sync with the Parkland witnesses. Harris seems to think that his "TOP OF THE HEAD WAS DAMAGED AND HINGED" theory corroborates and buttresses all of the Parkland witnesses, even though those witnesses said that the FAR-RIGHT-REAR of Kennedy's head was blown open, not the VERY TOP of his head.

Somehow, to Harris, the TOP equals the RIGHT-REAR-OCCIPITAL. Most curious.

Harris also thinks he's an expert on the precise angles in Dealey Plaza, such as his exacting "2 degrees" declaration with respect to his make-believe Dal-Tex shooter. Apparently Harris has gone to Dealey Plaza and used surveyor's equipment to officially measure the angles from the third floor of the Dal-Tex to the location of JFK's car at certain Z-Film frames. Otherwise, how does Harris know these precise angles?

He might be able to get somewhat close by guessing at the angles, but as far as total precision, I'm a bit dubious about anything Mr. Harris has to say about anything in this murder case (to say the least).

And Bob's silliness regarding the "decibel" levels of Lee Oswald's Carcano is simply hilarious. Harris thinks he has proven that Oswald's rifle could not possibly have been fired prior to Z255 or Z285, because the crowd on the street would have been "jumping out of their skins" if any shots had been fired from Rifle C2766 prior to the Altgens picture being taken (even though that gun was located 6 stories above everybody in the Plaza, vs. being located right next to the ears of any of the witnesses on the street).

In short -- Robert Harris is extremely full of himself. And he is full of totally subjective theories that can never be proven.

Moreover, Harris' theories do not (in any way at all) undermine the credibility of the "Oswald Shot Kennedy" conclusion reached by the Warren Commission in 1964 and re-confirmed by the HSCA in 1978.

That's the way it goes when a person decides to "solve" the case based on nothing but his own vivid subjective imagination (and Vincent Palamara's recent declaration that "The Secret Service killed Kennedy" is another good example of this).

When a person engages in that type of imaginative exercise, there is always plenty of ammunition for an LNer like myself to fight back with -- especially when such ammunition is the very same ammunition (and cartridge cases) that came out of a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle that a person named Bob Harris insists could not possibly have fired ANY shots that struck either President Kennedy, Governor Connally, or the limousine on November 22, 1963.

David Von Pein
December 2, 2009