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Below is a link to Warren Commission Document No. 166, which is an FBI report dated December 12, 1963. In this document there is a very interesting 22-page article written by Staughton Lynd and Jack Minnis concerning the assassination of President Kennedy, which is an article that demonstrates how the early mistakes and incorrect information that was being spread throughout the world about JFK's death can very easily get turned into allegations of "conspiracy" prior to those errors getting corrected:


I don't get it DVP. What are they saying? Document alteration? A real dead end on this one. What am I missing?



CD166 contains an article written just a couple weeks after the assassination (about 12/9/63). The writers of the article are utilizing the early reports of a "frontal" shot to JFK's throat and the early reports of a "Mauser" rifle being found in the Book Depository and all kinds of other erroneous information to sow seeds of doubt about a possible conspiracy. Pretty much what many conspiracy theorists still are doing to this very day.

The authors of that December '63 article weren't even sure any autopsy had been done on JFK's body. That information apparently wasn't confirmed until many weeks after the November 22 assassination.

I just wanted to post that article found in CD166 to illustrate how misinformation, ordinary (and innocent) errors, and unconfirmed "facts" can easily mushroom into alleged "conspiracy". And, as I said, we're still really having to deal with that exact same crap here in 2014 too. Such as the "Mauser" thing, JFK being shot in the throat from the front because of the first observations of the Parkland doctors, the notion that Oswald couldn't have fired all the shots in the allotted time, etc.

David Von Pein
August 4, 2014