(PART 774)


According to Robert Harris' theory about the extreme loudness of a Carcano gunshot, it would stand to reason that anyone who was actually firing shots from a Carcano rifle should be rendered nearly deaf by firing those shots (if the shooter wasn't wearing any ear protection, that is).

But that is nonsense, as demonstrated on film by CBS-TV in June of 1967, when we see several people firing a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle without any ear protection being used whatsoever (certainly no visible earmuffs or other ear-protecting devices being worn by any of these shooters, at any rate). [See Part 1; 37:00.]

In addition, there's this video of a man firing a series of shots using a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle similar to Lee Oswald's (with very accurate results, BTW, at more than SIX TIMES the distance of Oswald's longest Dealey Plaza shot).

And while the gunman in that video is, indeed, wearing ear-protection gear, the microphone (situated very close to the muzzle of the rifle) is picking up the sound of each shot very clearly, and the shots don't sound extremely ear-piercing to me (even when standing right next to the gun, which is where the cameraman is standing).

So, as usual, Robert Harris' subjective theories fall flat, especially when weighed against the BEST PHYSICAL EVIDENCE in the JFK case -- i.e., THREE spent bullet shells FROM OSWALD'S MANNLICHER-CARCANO RIFLE being found in the TEXAS SCHOOL BOOK DEPOSITORY (not in the Dal-Tex Building), coupled with the important corroborating "THREE SHOTS" fact that more than NINETY PERCENT of the earwitnesses heard THREE SHOTS OR FEWER during the assassination in Dallas' Dealey Plaza.

David Von Pein
November 30, 2009