(PART 424)


>>> "Connally himself said he was shot after the second shot!" <<<


Wrong. Governor Connally never once said that. He always maintained he was not hit by the FIRST shot, and was hit by shot #2.

Connally also readily admitted on CBS-TV in 1967 that the SBT could be true....but it would have to be the SECOND shot equating to the SBT. And he's right. It was shot #2.

From 1967's "A CBS News Inquiry: The Warren Report":

JOHN CONNALLY -- "The only way that I could ever reconcile my memory of what happened and what occurred, with respect to the One-Bullet Theory is....it HAD to be the SECOND bullet that might have hit us both."

EDDIE BARKER -- "Do you believe, Governor Connally, that the first bullet could have missed, the second one hit both of you, and the third one hit President Kennedy?"

CONNALLY -- "That's possible. That's possible."

>>> "He [John Connally] should know WHEN he got hit!" <<<

Sure, but Connally couldn't possibly have known when President Kennedy was first hit....because Connally always said he never saw Kennedy at any time after the shooting started. So how can Connally, HIMSELF, possibly know that the SBT is not true? In two words: he couldn't.

>>> "[Connally's] shattered wrist cannot hold a hat." <<<

Wrong again. He held that hat ALL THE WAY TO THE HOSPITAL.

Are you suggesting, therefore, his wrist was never hit by a bullet on 11/22/63?

>>> "Ever think he [JBC] was reacting to the shock wave of a bullet over his left shoulder?" <<<

No, because it's so obvious he was reacting to a bullet hitting him at Z224 (just as the film clip below vividly illustrates). Any other conclusion is just willful ignorance on the part of any anti-SBT conspiracy theorist.

David Von Pein
January 19, 2009