(PART 423)


When confronted with the fact that [William] Newman said the shots came from behind him, [John] McAdams said that the TSBD was behind him and [t]hat's what he meant.


Bill Newman, less than an hour after the shooting, told Jay Watson and the WFAA-TV audience that he heard TWO shots coming from ONE solitary location (behind him, "on the mound of ground there on the mall").

So, Newman's description about the number of shots he heard (two) and the number of locations/directions from where he thought they originated (one) are things that most certainly don't do the multi-gun conspiracy theorists any favors whatsoever.*

* = Unless those CTers want to believe that William Newman, like almost every other Dealey Plaza witness (except only five, out of 104 in John McAdams' poll), somehow managed to hear shots coming from only ONE solitary location within the Plaza, even though several different shooters were popping away at John F. Kennedy that day.

After examining the thing that conspiracy theorists despise the most (i.e., the inconvenient totality of evidence in the JFK murder case), it couldn't be any more obvious what the solution is to the "location" discrepancies that exist amongst the Dealey Plaza witnesses.

The solution -- Every witness (whether he/she knew it or not) heard ALL of the shots coming from ONLY the Texas School Book Depository's 6th-Floor Sniper's Nest, but due to the acoustics in the Plaza (or some other factor or combination of factors that played tricks with the sound of the gunshots), many witnesses thought that ALL of the shots were coming from a place further west than the Depository Building (which even the hardest of hardline conspiracy theorists know is dead wrong, since it's a proven fact that multiple shots positively originated from the Book Depository).

Do conspiracists truly believe that 99 out of 104 earwitnesses (per McAdams' "definitive" poll, and close to those same numbers per all other polls I've ever seen regarding this matter, including polls put together by conspiracy-leaning authors) would have said they heard ALL of the gunshots coming from just a SINGLE location in the Plaza if an Oliver Stone-like assassination scenario (3 guns and 6 non-silenced shots fired) had really taken place on 11/22/63?

That's just goofy.

David Von Pein
February 8, 2009