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When they [LNers] encounter large quantities of evidence, and particularly evidence which they have no hope of rebutting, they simply respond, even to long lists of evidence, by blithely demanding "where's the evidence?"


Is your "Z285" theory amongst the "long lists of evidence" that we LNers "have no hope of rebutting"?

IOW -- Is purely subjective "evidence" (like your Z285 evidence) really and truly to be considered evidence that lone-assassin believers have "no hope" of shooting down or reasonably dismissing?

I have a feeling that Robert Harris' definition of "large quantities of evidence" for the conspiracy side is vastly different from that of many other (reasonable) people.

For instance -- a lot of CTers (not necessarily Bob Harris in particular) still regard the "Doorway Man" and the "Mauser vs. Carcano" debates to be pretty strong "evidence" that a conspiracy existed in Dallas on 11/22/63.

But to a reasonable person who examines this "evidence", those things don't come close to leading down Conspiracy Avenue (let alone PROVING a conspiracy). Those things, and others like them, are nothing more than ordinary, garden-variety, run-of-the-mill, non-conspiratorial mistakes. And those are the type of errors and innocent misidentifications that can be expected in virtually every phase of life....including the investigation into the murder of a U.S. President.


Just three days ago, conspiracist Anthony Marsh wrote the following post to me:

"YOU [DVP] are living in a dream world where everything is perfect and no one ever does anything wrong." -- Tony Marsh; January 27, 2009

When thinking about that statement made by Tony, in conjunction with what I just wrote to Robert Harris in this post concerning Doorway Man and the Mauser/Carcano mix-up, it's fairly obvious that not only is Tony Marsh wrong in his above remark....but he's REALLY, REALLY wrong in that remark.

Lone-assassin believers like myself certainly don't have that type of "no one ever does anything wrong" mindset suggested by Mr. Marsh. Because if we did, then we would be forced to side with the outer-fringe conspiracy-loving kooks who still to this day want to believe that Lee Oswald was in the Book Depository doorway when JFK was being shot, and also want to believe that a Mauser rifle was found on the sixth floor of the Depository, instead of the weapon that all reasonable people know for certain was found there -- Oswald's Carcano.

If Tony's January 27th remark were true, then I would also be forced to conclude that President Kennedy had a large hole in the BACK (occipital region) of his head after he was shot, since there are many witnesses who claimed to see such a wound.

But I, of course, prefer to rely on the much stronger and much more CONCLUSIVE evidence regarding the President's bullet wounds, with that better evidence being: the autopsy report and the autopsy photos and X-rays.

Bottom line:

Many people were "wrong" about many things pertaining to the murders of JFK and J.D. Tippit. There's no doubt about that. But the totality of all the evidence PROVES two things beyond all REASONABLE doubt (and it always has proved these facts):

1.) John F. Kennedy was killed as a result of being hit by two and only two bullets that were fired from a location above and behind JFK when he was shot.

2.) Lee Harvey Oswald, beyond all reasonable doubt, is the one and only person who shot and killed both President Kennedy and police officer J.D. Tippit on 11/22/63.

Naturally, conspiracy devotees will deny the irrevocable truth that exists in both #1 and #2 until the day they nail the box shut on them. But, then again, what's new about that?

David Von Pein
January 30, 2009