(PART 421)


My logic was that many in the morgue had heard about, or seen news footage of, people in DP [Dealey Plaza] running up the GK [Grassy Knoll] following the shooting (not to mention the PH [Parkland Hospital] news conference).


Concerning the latter part of the above statement....

Then why in the world didn't anybody in the morgue at Bethesda know about the existence of the bullet hole in JFK's throat (if some of the Bethesda personnel had, indeed, seen the Parkland news conference given by Drs. Clark and Perry)?

It's fairly obvious that (incredibly) not a single person who had anything to do with President Kennedy's autopsy at Bethesda on the night of 11/22/63 had seen the Clark/Perry news conference a few hours earlier.

Because if anybody in the morgue had heard or seen that press conference, surely someone would have felt compelled to speak up and say something like this -- "Dr. Humes, I heard on the TV earlier today that a doctor in Dallas said there was a bullet hole in JFK's throat when the President arrived at Parkland Hospital."


[Reiterating an earlier point....]

"You [John Canal] said that the [Bethesda] doctors feared that by revealing a large BOH [Back Of the Head] wound they would be opening up the door to rumors and speculations that JFK had been shot from the front. But why would the doctors necessarily feel this way? They've described the ONLY entry hole in the head as being at the rear of the head, proving without doubt that the only bullet that hit JFK's head came from the rear, from the direction where Oswald was firing a gun.

"There was no other ENTRY hole in the front of the head. None. So even WITH a larger-sized "BOH" wound present on the head, I cannot adhere to any such potential "conspiratorial" concerns about such a larger BOH hole. Such a large BOH hole, if it did exist as a result of ONLY ONE bullet striking JFK's head from the rear (which was also in the BOH), could obviously have been easily explained by the same doctors as merely the extensive fragmentation of an already weakened skull by the ONE bullet which entered the back of the head and then fragmented badly after entering the skull."
-- DVP; April 22, 2007

David Von Pein
January 17, 2009