(PART 419)


WC defenders love CE 903 because they rely on hoaxes and love it when people LIE about the evidence. The rod does not correctly mark Kennedy's back wound. .... What it [CE903] does prove is that there was plenty of room for a bullet to go over Kennedy's shoulder as the rod does and hit Connally's back, consistent with a shot from the sniper's nest. Thanks for proving our conspiracy points.


Tony Marsh evidently wants to believe that a bullet (from the Sniper's
Nest) just barely missed JFK and struck Connally in a place on his
back that lines up just about perfectly with the place on his back
where he would have also been hit had a bullet exited JFK's throat
after entering Kennedy's back.

Gee, how convenient for those "Let's Frame Oswald" plotters (again),
huh? And mighty convenient for the anti-SBTers of the world too.

Naturally, since Mr. Specter didn't sacrifice the federal agent
sitting in for JFK on 5/24/64 during the SBT re-creation by shoving
the rod through his upper back, the lateral angle of Oswald's bullet
being simulated by Specter's metal rod is not going to be 100% to-the-
inch perfect for the demonstration being photographed by Lyndal
Shaneyfelt in CE903. Marsh, of course, knows this is the case.

So, a small number of liberties HAD to be taken by Specter and the WC
for the purposes of CE903....such as NOT IMPALING THE JFK STAND-IN,
but still wanting to demonstrate via CE903 the general trajectory and
workability of the "SBT"....which is precisely what CE903 does.

Also: Per Dale Myers' exacting study of the SBT and his Zapruder Film
"overlays" that he has Key Framed to his "Secrets Of A Homicide"
computer animation model -- We can see that FROM OSWALD'S VIEWPOINT in
the Book Depository's Sniper's Nest at approximately Z-Frame 223, the
UPPER-RIGHT portion of Connally's back was NOT visible to Oswald and
could not have been hit by a bullet that did not first go through the
body of JFK, as seen here in a still frame from Mr. Myers' computer

Naturally, people like Mr. Marsh think that Myers is full of shit when
Myers produces a still image like the one above. Marsh HAS to think
that. Because if he doesn't, then the SBT is almost certainly true,
and there's no "anti-SBT" escape hatch for a reasonable person to use.

It's difficult to ascertain the precise LATERAL (right-to-left) angle
of Arlen Specter's rod as seen in CE903 (in fact, it's pretty much
impossible to tell what that R-to-L angle might be in that photo; and
it's equally as impossible to determine exactly how far LEFT of JFK
the Connally stand-in is located in CE903 as well; a frontal view of
that re-creation would have been useful, but as far as I am aware, no
such view of the SBT demonstration exists).

But it's quite obvious (since Kennedy was really struck by Bullet
CE399 in the middle part of his upper back) that Mr. Specter, in order
to demonstrate the horizontal angle of the bullet through the two
victims in CE903 (without driving the rod through the JFK
impersonator), was forced to position his "rod" at a slightly greater
"right-to-left" angle than the actual R-to-L angle that existed from
Oswald's window.

But people like Tony Marsh, of course, must think that such necessary
adjustments equate to a "hoax" as far as the WHOLE of CE903 is
concerned. Right, Tony?

But any REASONABLE person who knows where the wounds were truly
located in JFK & Connally, and who looks at CE903 for a few minutes, can
only reach one logical conclusion -- i.e., The Single-Bullet Theory
lines up quite nicely to do just what the Warren Commission said one
bullet did do on 11/22/63....and without requiring any bullet hole to
be located where so many misinformed conspiracy theorists seem to
think a bullet hole MUST be located in JFK's body in order for the SBT
to have a fighting chance at being true -- in John Kennedy's NECK.

But CE903 demonstrates that if the upper-back wound of Kennedy were to
be moved up to the NECK of the President (all the while maintaining
that needed 17+-degree downward angle of declination from Oswald's
6th-Floor window), the trajectory for the SBT would be ruined, because
any such bullet trajectory that started out by entering JFK's NECK
would have certainly exited his body much HIGHER than the area of his
tie knot.


People like Tony Marsh never seem to want to explain what happened to
the bullet that really did exit Kennedy's throat if it didn't go on to
strike Governor Connally (assuming you can get even one CT-Kook to
admit the obvious--i.e., that Kennedy's throat wound was an exit and
not an entry wound).

All Marsh can say with certainty (evidently) is that if a bullet did
exit JFK's throat, it positively didn't (and couldn't!) have gone on
to hit John Connally....even though Marsh knows that Connally WAS hit
in the upper-right back at just about the same place where a bullet
exiting Kennedy's throat would have struck Connally had the bullet
that exited JFK gone on to hit Connally....but it didn't....a
DIFFERENT bullet must have done that damage to Connally's back (per
the Marshes of the world)....even though the location of the bullet
hole in JBC's back....well....you get the repeating picture of all
this redundancy by now, I suppose....right? :)

Once again, for those afraid to face the perfection of CE903, I'll
post it yet another time below. And it's a photo that couldn't be any
more perfect in demonstrating the workability of the SBT from the
standpoints of "angles" and "bullet-wound locations on the two
(except for the fact that Specter decided not to skewer the
JFK replacement with his metal probe; therefore the probe/rod had to
be positioned slightly to the right of where JFK's real upper-back
wound was located)....

The SBT fits.
The SBT works.
The SBT is a fact.

David Von Pein
January 10, 2009