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Two questions for DVP.....

When I searched using Google for an article I wrote, I was stunned by the number of attacks you've made against me, not only on your blog, but on several forums. I guess you figured when I just ignored your rhetoric and ranting I was an easy target for you...and oh how obvious it is that you like easy targets.

So, in view of those attacks, let me just ask you two questions....I'll make them simple because they refer to the medical evidence and it's obvious you are lost when it comes to that aspect of the case.

1. While there are a lot of problems with the Dox drawing in the graphic [shown] below, the area where the skull was blown-out isn't too awfully, with that in mind, if the damn scalp wasn't stretched up, where did they get the scalp/hair from to cover that blown out area??????????????

New secret instant results Rogaine?

Faked photo?

Authentic photo, but it's not JFK?


Or how about this doozy of an answer that [John] McAdams seemed to favor once: In the blown out area, the skull blew out but left the scalp and hair behind (kind of like the Red Sea parting for Moses...the scalp and hair just moved aside to let the skull blow out)??????

Tell me wise guy, what's your answer?


That's an easy one, John.

And I said exactly that same thing ("that's an easy one") when we discussed this very same topic in July of 2008. Perhaps you have forgotten this discussion from five years ago (which is a discussion that you yourself started).

Anyway, to reiterate what I said in 2008 (with my original quote copied below too), the Dox drawing that was done for the HSCA is "slightly off" when it comes to depicting the precise place on JFK's head where the big hole in his skull was located. It's as simple as that.

And the proof that Ida Dox didn't have the exit wound location 100% accurate is vividly shown in the X-ray of the right side of President Kennedy's head, which does not show the gaping exit wound in John Kennedy's head to be where we find it in the Dox drawing (see comparison below). The actual hole in Kennedy's skull was further forward than where Dox places it in the HSCA drawing:

My remarks to John Canal written in 2008:

"That's an easy one -- the Dox drawing isn't the BEST EVIDENCE.....the autopsy pictures, the autopsy X-rays, and the autopsy report are the BEST EVIDENCE. And those three things--in tandem--confirm this fact:

There was no large BOH wound in John Kennedy's head. Period.

The Dox drawing in [HSCA Exhibit] F-66 is slightly off on the gaping exit wound....quite obviously, since the scalp of JFK is, indeed, fully intact (i.e., not blasted completely away) in the area of the head just a little forward and right of the cowlick entry wound.

This just proves that it's silly to rely too heavily on only the drawings....either Dox's or the ultra-crappy Rydberg ones done for the WC, which only serve to confuse more than clarify. And Dox's, while much better than Rydberg's are still off a little, and the Dox drawings weren't even necessary at all.

The HSCA had full access to the actual pictures of JFK....why they needed some drawings on top of the pics I have never understood. I guess to supposedly provide better clarity of the inshoots/outshoots...but, as mentioned, all they did was muddy waters that would have been much less muddy if the WC and HSCA had kept the damn artist renderings out of the official record (IMHO)."

-- David Von Pein; July 12, 2008


2. If I'm on this side of the grass long enough to see another team of forensic experts (who we both would accept the conclusions of) examine the originals, (and you're still posting your attacks against me) will you accept a $500.00 wager regarding their conclusions?

Here are the terms:

If they conclude the entry was in the cowlick, I'll pay you $500.00 and, conversely, if they conclude the entry was near the EOP, you pay me $500.00.

Now, you do realize that the last panel of experts (and we won't count Sturdivan and Zimmerman because you and the rest of the "cowlick-entry-Humes-didn't-know-the-EOP-from-the-cowlick" club deemed them blind or grossly incompetent) who were commissioned by the ARRB to examine the originals basically said, "What cowlick entry?"

But we won't count them either because you and the rest of the aforementioned club probably have group-attacked them as well.


Sure, John. Your wager proposal looks good to me. Sounds like an easy way to make five hundred clams. You're on. I accept.


P.S. How about putting this on your blog too?


You got it.


Yes, the [Dox] drawing is off--I said that--but there is still undamaged scalp covering at least part of the blown out area. There should be no scalp covering any of that area!


So you said. But you're obviously wrong. And this photo below, deemed unaltered in any manner by the HSCA's Photographic Panel, proves you are wrong, because the President's scalp is still there (and undamaged):

And since you readily admit that the Dox drawing is "off" with respect to the exact location of the big hole in JFK's head, why are you placing any faith in that drawing at all when it comes to the topic of the exit wound? You seem to be admitting that the Dox drawing should have the big wound moved further toward the front of Kennedy's head. So, we're in agreement there.


The last two groups of individuals (the ARRB forensic experts then Sturdivan and Zimmerman) did not support your cowlick entry.


It's not my fault they can't see what's right in front of their eyes. The bullet hole of entry in President Kennedy's head is near the cowlick, and the above (red spot) autopsy photograph proves it--and always will.

It's absolutely incredible what this "JFK case" does to people. We've got an autopsy photo, which has positively not been faked or altered (per page 41 of HSCA Volume #7), that shows the bullet hole of entry in the back of JFK's head--clear as day--high on his head, near what most people would consider to be the "cowlick" area of the head--and I've been arguing with Mr. John A. Canal about this matter for something like five or six years now.

And the kicker is -- both John Canal and I think that all of the bullets which struck the President came from behind and all were fired by Lee Harvey Oswald. And yet here we are, in 2013, arguing about the precise location of the entry wound--which is a wound we both agree was caused by Oswald's Mannlicher-Carcano bullet.

Kind of sad, isn't it? (Funny too. But sad.) :-)

This JFK assassination subject is a one-of-a-kind topic, to be sure. Even verified-as-authentic autopsy photos can't seem to silence the debate about JFK's wounds. The ghost of Harry Houdini must hover over every aspect of this case. For nothing short of Houdini's magic could turn this murder case into what it's become in the last fifty years. Remarkable indeed.


We'll wait for the next acceptable team to examine them so I can collect my $500.00. Thanks.


Good luck, John.

And, who knows, maybe you'll be fortunate enough to have a future forensic panel who will study the autopsy photos and X-rays and then totally ignore what they so obviously depict. I.E., you have to hope the next team of forensic experts completely dismisses these two official reports:

"There is an elliptical penetrating wound of the scalp situated near the midline and high above the hairline. The position of this wound corresponds to the hole in the skull seen in the lateral X-ray film #2. .... On one of the lateral films [X-rays] of the skull (#2), a hole measuring approximately 8 mm. in diameter on the outer surface of the skull and as much as 20 mm. on the internal surface can be seen in profile approximately 100 mm. above the external occipital protuberance." -- Clark Panel (1968)

"It is the firm conclusion of the panel members...there is no bullet perforation of entrance any place on the skull other than the single one in the cowlick." -- Dr. Michael M. Baden of the HSCA's nine-member Forensic Pathology Panel (1978)

David Von Pein
August 11, 2013