(PART 165)


>>> "I very clearly wrote that the Croft photo is NOT a fake....HOWEVER IT HAS BEEN TAMPERED WITH." <<<


OIC. It's not a "fake" image, it's only "been tampered with".

The kook has decided to kill me with semantics today. Nice.

>>> "Anybody with one good eye can see that a black felt tipped pen has been used to black out an area above and to the rear of JFK's head. Thanks to your posting of this link to the colored photo..." <<<

The kook can't even manage to link a photo without screwing it up. So
I'll do it for the kook. Here's the full-color Croft picture:

Walt thinks that some idiot plotter took a "felt-tipped pen" and
created a big ol' black splotch on the Croft photo behind JFK's head.

The next question, of course, to ask the kook (other than the
proverbial one, "Can you prove it?") is: Why?

What does Walt think the "non-altered" Croft picture is showing in the
blotched-out area? It certainly can't be anything relating to the
fatal head shot. It's still quite a few seconds until the head shot

Does Walt think that the "blotch" is hiding a BULLET IN MID-FLIGHT (or
something equally as impossible)?


Maybe the idiot photo-fakers just wanted to deliberately mark up and
"tamper" with one of the 11/22 photos IN THE MOST CRUDE AND OBVIOUSLY
DETECTABLE WAY IMAGINABLE (by using a "felt-tipped pen" on the
image)...just for the fun of it. Eh, Walt-Kook?

Oh, btw, the black "splotch" is, of course, also FULLY VISIBLE in the
B&W version of the photograph as well...as anyone can easily see in
the photo below. And the picture below is the B&W version that Walt
insists shows proof of conspiracy and shows the piece of shirt flying
off JFK's back.

It's kind of odd, isn't it, that the stupid photo-fakers decided to
"tamper" with the picture by drawing in some kind of "black blotch"
with a pen, but they decided to LEAVE IN the "piece of shirt" on the
B&W version that Walt touts as proof that JFK was being shot from the
front at this instant?:

This kind of reminds me of the "Z-Film Fakery" theory -- i.e., the
fakers/alterers decide to go to great, elaborate lengths to alter the
film in a variety of ways (most of them being totally meaningless and
useless when it comes to determining where the shots came from, of
course, per the CT-Kooks)....but then these same film-fakers decided
to LEAVE IN the rear head snap of JFK's head just after the fatal

Go try to figure out the mindset of those film-faking idiots. (I sure

In reality, of course, the "black splotch" seen in the Robert Croft
photograph looks to me to be the merging together of a combination of
dark things visible within the photo, including the dark dress being
worn by the woman on the right side of the dark "blotch", plus the
dark handbag of the woman who is on the left side of the "blotch" (or
some other type of dark package that she seems to be holding by her
left arm, probably on a strap over her left shoulder).


If you look at other portions of the photo, you can see MANY other
"dark splotches" in the picture, including a similar blotch of blackness
directly above John Connally's head (under the left hand of the waving
woman in the blue dress).

Is the dark blotch above Connally's head also a blotch that's been
colored-in with a felt-tipped pen, Mr. Walt-Kook?

Just curious.

Final Analysis:

Walt, as always, sees something conspiratorial and/or shady in
virtually EVERYTHING connected with the record of the JFK

And, as always, he can never prove a single one of the moronic things
he believes and theorizes in his patented idiotic, kneejerk style.

And, as always, Walt makes a total fool out of himself in front of the
Internet audience.

IOW -- Just another day at the "CT" office for a kook named Walt.

David Von Pein
March 2008