(PART 157)


>>> "You are claiming 6 people positively ID'd LHO in 1963/1964, so
show it." <<<


Wrong again, kook. I never said Benavides and Tatum IDed LHO positively in '63-'64. In fact, I specifically mentioned the 1967 and 1978 dates for those two witnesses in my last post, right here.

But, anyway, here are the testimony and statements showing Lee Harvey Oswald to be the guilty cop-killer that all reasonable people know him to be. These are, of course, statements that the conspiracy kook named Caprio already is fully aware of, no doubt, but he doesn't want to admit having ever seen these statements before:


JOSEPH A. BALL -- "What about number two, what did you mean when you said number two?"

MRS. MARKHAM -- "Number two was the man I saw shoot the policeman." ....

MR. BALL -- "When you identified Oswald--it was the number 2 man--were
you told the number 2 man whom you identified in the lineup?"

MRS. MARKHAM -- "No, I was not."

MR. BALL -- "Were you ever told his name?"


MR. BALL -- "Ever told his name later?"

MRS. MARKHAM -- "Nobody, nobody told me nothing."

MR. BALL -- "Well, the man that you identified as the number 2 man in the lineup in the police station, you identified him as the man you had seen shoot Officer Tippit?"

MRS. MARKHAM -- "Yes, I did."



DAVID W. BELIN -- "Four? Did any one of the people look anything like strike
that. Did you identify anyone in the lineup?"

MR. SCOGGINS -- "I identified the one we are talking about, Oswald. I identified him."



MRS. DAVIS -- "The boy that was known as Lee Harvey Oswald shot J. D.
Tippit." ....

MRS. DAVIS -- "Well, we saw Oswald. We didn't know it was Oswald at the time. We saw that boy cut across the lawn emptying the shells out of the gun." ....

MR. BELIN -- "What about the man you identified as No. 2? Would you say for sure that he was the man you saw running with the gun?"

MRS. DAVIS -- "I would say that was him for sure."



MR. BALL -- "Did you recognize anyone in that room?"

MRS. DAVIS -- "Yes, sir. I recognized number two."

MR. BALL -- "Number two you recognized? Did you tell any policeman there anything after you recognized them?"

MRS. DAVIS -- "I told the man who had brought us down there."

MR. BALL -- "What did you tell him?"

MRS. DAVIS -- "That I thought number two was the man that I saw."

MR. BALL -- "That you saw?"

MRS. DAVIS -- "Yes."

MR. BALL -- "By number two, was the man you saw the man you saw doing what?"

MRS. DAVIS -- "Unloading the gun."

MR. BALL -- "And going across your yard?"

MRS. DAVIS -- "Yes, sir."


JACK TATUM (1978):

"This young white male was looking into the squad car from the passenger side. The next thing I knew I heard something that sounded like gun shots as I approached the intersection. (10th & Patton). I heard three shots in rapid (illegible). I went right through the intersection, stopped my car and turned to look back. I then saw the officer lying on the street and saw this young white man standing near the front of the squad car. Next, this man with a gun in his hand ran toward the back of the squad car, but instead of running away he stepped into the street and shot the police officer who was lying in the street. At that point this young man looked around him and then started to walk away in my direction and as he started to break into a small run in my direction, I sped off in my auto." -- Jack R. Tatum; February 1, 1978


JACK TATUM (1986):

"[Jack] Tatum sees a man in a light tan-gray jacket start off in Tatum's direction, hesitate at the rear of the police car, then step back into the street and fire one more shot, right into the head of the officer [J.D. Tippit] on the ground. .... [Footnote:] I asked Tatum at the [1986] London trial ["On Trial: Lee Harvey Oswald"] if he got "a good look" at the man who shot Tippit and whom he identified at the trial. "Very good look," Tatum responded. I asked if there was "any question in your mind" that the man was Oswald. "None whatsoever," he answered. (Transcript of "On Trial", July 23, 1986, p.200)" -- Vincent T. Bugliosi; Page 79 of "Reclaiming History: The Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy" (c.2007)



EDDIE BARKER (CBS NEWS) -- "Is there any doubt in your mind that Oswald was the man you had seen shoot Tippit?"

DOMINGO BENAVIDES -- "No, sir; there was no doubt at all. Period. I could even tell you how he combed his hair and the clothes he wore and what-have-you and the details....and if he'd had a scar on his face, I could have probably told you about it. You don't forget things like that."

David Von Pein
March 2008