(PART 158)


>>> "Why would the killer delibrately leave shell casings when he did NOT have to?" <<<


And yet that's just exactly what Lee Harvey Oswald did on Nov. 22. Go figure.

And after you're done "figuring", why not read this, and this, and this, and this, and this.

Sample testimony excerpt that makes Jim Garrison and all other "OSWALD DIDN'T DUMP ANY SHELLS AT ALL" kooks look like the idiots they are/were:

DOMINGO BENAVIDES -- "Then I seen the man turn and walk back to the sidewalk and go on the sidewalk and he walked maybe 5 foot and then kind of stalled. He didn't exactly stop. And he threw one shell and must have took five or six more steps and threw the other shell up, and then he kind of stepped up to a pretty good trot going around the corner."

>>> "Where does he [Benavides] mention LHO? I don't see any mention of LHO. You are making the assertion that the "man" he is talking about is LHO with NO proof to back it up." <<<

If there's a God in heaven, He'll send a permanant virus to Rob Caprio's hard drive, so that we won't have to endure his idiocy any further.

Anyway (sigh), it looks like I'm going to have to walk the kook through things again:

For the purposes of this latest discussion regarding the shell-dumping on 10th Street after J.D. Tippit was shot dead, the sample of Benavides' testimony I provided doesn't really need to include the words "I SAW OSWALD DUMPING SHELLS". (The other links I provided amply prove that it was Oswald who was the shell-dumper on 10th Street, without the smallest speck of a doubt.)

But for THIS discussion--wherein you (Robcap) said the following....

"Why would the killer delibrately leave shell casings when he did NOT have to?"

....Benavides' testimony I quoted does the trick, because it shows that WHOEVER the killer was (i.e., the ONE AND ONLY person who was brandishing a gun on Tenth Street), that person DID perform the ultra-stupid act of dumping (or "throwing" as Benavides termed it) spent bullet shells on the ground near the corner of 10th & Patton on November 22, 1963.

And, of course, that ONE PERSON who was brandishing a gun and dumping shells was undeniably Lee Harvey Oswald. We know it was Oswald based on the sum total of witness and ballistics evidence in the case.


Oswald's own gun (that he had on him when arrested) was linked "to the exclusion of all other weapons" to the four spent shells that were dumped by the ONLY PERSON SEEN BRANDISHING A FIREARM on 10th Street.

And approximately 13 different witnesses (from 10th Street to Patton Avenue to Jefferson Boulevard) identified Lee Oswald as the man they saw either shooting Officer Tippit or as the ONLY PERSON WITH A GUN running (or walking) from the scene of the crime.

A kook, however, seems to want to dismiss all of the above in favor of the forever-unanswerable open-ended question of:

"Why would the killer delibrately leave shell casings when he did NOT have to?"

Evidently Mr. Garrison in New Orleans had a desire to ignore all of this LHO-shot-Tippit evidence too.

Seems kind of odd for a supposed seasoned and well-esteemed District Attorney to want to start ignoring a mountain of evidence that's right before his eyes. But, since Jimbo had "conspiracy" in his sights, I guess no amount of hard, factual evidence leading to Saint Oswald was TOO MUCH to mangle, skew, and totally ignore.

Go figure that odd logic. I sure can't.

David Von Pein
March 2008