(PART 160)


>>> "Oliver Stone has endured more abuse from scumbags [TRANSLATION: SCUMBAGS = SENSIBLE PEOPLE WHO KNOW THAT O. STONE IS FULL OF FECES] on the JFK Assassination than any living person." <<<


And rightly so. Stone, via his filmed sequences in 1991's Warner Brothers tripe-filled hunk-of-lies movie "JFK", has single-handedly managed to manipulate more minds concerning the JFK case than all of the books and magazine/newspaper articles put together.

But, please, continue, Mr. Kook. It's always fun to watch a conspiracy-happy idiot/kook/moron trying to resurrect a dead horse/lying filmmaker....

>>> "The elite corporate suck ups, and parties to treason, have done everything in their powers to make him a caricature, an object of ridicule, yet Stone has stood tall. People don't trust the Government or media, nor should they, or will they ever, when continuing the lies, and promoting hatchet men rewarded well for finessing the report of Earl Warren, such as Gerald Posner and Vincent Bugliosi. Small, petty, dishonest used car salesman [sic] from an unrecognizable hell, that has become part of the norm, the accepted if you will." <<<

I'll go get Jack Benny, so that I can borrow his violin. We sure need some kind of stringed instrument to accompany the above heart-tugging soliloquy. A large box of Kleenex wouldn't hurt things either. I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I'm starting to well-up.


>>> "We all owe a debt to Stone for his truly remarkable film." <<<

Classic. The kook thinks we should kiss the feet of the man who placed on the big screen the single biggest batch of untruths and distortions of reality connected with the murder of the 35th U.S. President that has ever been created since 1963.

In reality, the only thing we "owe" Mr. Stone is a great-big boot in the rear-end (and maybe a good sharp smack across the face).

But, please, continue, Mr. Kook. I've still got four Kleenex tissues remaining in the box....

>>> "And not to forget Col. Leroy Fletcher Prouty, screen writer Zachary Sklar, Maj. John Newman, and Judge Jim Garrison." <<<

Great. Mega-Kooks Prouty and Garrison are also owed a "debt" from America at large.

I'll now need a second box of Kleenex tissues -- not for the weeping and wailing...but to wipe the tears of laughter from my orbs.

(I hope there's a sale on Kleenex someplace this week. Looks like I'll need a bunch.)

David Von Pein
March 2008