(PART 159)


>>> "We [the conspiracy kooks of Planet Earth] cling to evidence, and NONE of it matches the fictitious theory the Warren Commission put forth for the assassination of JFK." <<<


No, you cling to KookThink. Period. That's been blatantly obvious
since you showed up in October 2007.

BTW, how can you say you "cling to evidence", when you, in effect,
have thrown out ALL of the evidence in the JFK case (and the Tippit
case too). You think it's ALL tainted in some way. So, in effect, you
have no evidence at all with which to solve this case.

Kind of like trying to make a snowman on an August afternoon. Maybe
you'll just PRETEND there's some kind of "evidence"/(snow) favoring
your make-believe conspiracy, huh?

Makes you wonder, though, how the kooks think they have a "snowball's"
chance in Hades (why waste a good segue?) of solving a murder case
involving a rifle and a handgun and bullets, when they (the kooks of
Conspiracyville) have NO RIFLE, HANDGUN, OR BULLETS other than those
in evidence -- which -- Voila! -- belong to Lee Harvey "Patsy For All
1963 Dallas Homicides"

Good luck taking that case to court. The defense lawyer's argument
would sound something like this:

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury...um...er...uh...we'd like to be able to show you folks some bullets, guns, or shells, or fingerprints...or SOMETHING that doesn't lead to Mr. Oswald, but I'm afraid we have nothing of that nature to place into evidence in this case.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, we can either dismiss this "case for conspiracy" now (on the basis, obviously, of a total and utter lack of evidence), or: I, as the lead defense attorney, can walk you folks down the murky road of faked and planted and manufactured evidence.

But, seeing as how you good folks of the jury are NOT related in any way to the 12 individuals who served on the jury in the case of California v. Orenthal James Simpson in 1995, I don't think I'll be able to convince you people that a cast of hundreds--maybe thousands--plotted to create the incredible FALSE illusion that Lee Harvey Oswald killed TWO human beings in 1963.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I throw myself (and my weak-ass case for conspiracy) on the mercy of this Court. Your Honor, the defense rests (seeing as how we have zero pieces of evidence to present to this jury).

David Von Pein
March 2008