(PART 65)




The above is why Gary Mack (Larry Dunkel) has no credibility left with anyone but DVP, and maybe VB [Vincent Bugliosi].

Listen to this utter goofiness:

Someone orders a product that you are out of. So instead of mailing them a note saying: "Would you like a credit toward something else or a refund", the company just decides to send the person something else instead. Sure, how about "Mr. Mack we are out of that particular shoe style, but we have something close in a bit larger size, hope you like it."

What nuttiness. That has never ever happened to me on any mail transaction which I have done in decades. They always ask you what you would like to do first. Since it is your money.

Oh and then Dr. Pangloss (Dunkel) says Oswald could have left anytime that morning. Duh, Gary, did you see the time cards? Are you saying they are fake? Did you check with Dave Perry on this first? You may be going a bit off his reservation here. Better call him.

Then comes the capper: the postmark being in a different zone is not out of the ordinary!

WTF? If anything tells us just how far Gary Mack has gone around the bend, it is that. Only a guy who could change the exit on Kennedy's head--which Mack did to make ITTC ["Inside The Target Car"] work--could do something like that and not bat an eyelash.

The post office where the money order was allegedly purchased was two zones away from where the envelope was mailed--which is revealed in that postmark. Sure, Oswald mailed the envelope in one zone, but they just marked it as being picked up from another. Why? They didn't know their own zones?

Well, Gary I will say this for you: Like Pangloss, you sure know how to make serious problems disappear. First you moved the exit wound in JFK' s head, and now you say mail employees mismark envelopes all the time--so what's the big deal?

Gary Mack not only has no credibility left to him, he also has no self-respect left either.

And for DVP to trot this clown out, and to endorse this utter propaganda is shocking and disgusting, even for him.

Which, sadly, as we know from painful experience, says a lot.

Please Davey, go back to the Pigpen. The hogs there like to roll around in this kind of muck and excrement. Here, I read something like this from you and Mack, I feel like I need to take a long hot shower to get all this crap off of me.


Easy, Jimbo. You should be saving some of those anti-Mack and anti-Von Pein histrionics for your next laughfest on Anybody But Oswald Radio. Don't you agree?

The fact is, of course, that every single thing Gary Mack said here makes perfect sense. Naturally, Jim "ABO" DiEugenio has to spit on everything uttered by Mr. Mack and drag Gary through the mud--which is just exactly what I knew Delusional DiEugenio would do before he ever did it.

If somebody were to dig hard enough, I'd be willing to bet that a postal zone mark on an envelope could be found and could be proven to have been different from the zone where the envelope had been physically mailed.

And by the way, this is just another (of the hundreds) of examples of DiEugenio's "Let's Frame Oswald" plotters doing things that only a total retard would want to do -- i.e., they are framing Oswald, per the conspiracy kooks like DiEugenio, with a fake money order that was supposedly purchased at the main post office in Dallas.

So what do these brainless morons do this time to clog the works of their own patsy scheme? They decide to have the envelope stamped with a different postal zone from the one where the money order was purchased.


The plotters could just as easily have stamped the "fake" envelope (which has the "fake" Oswald writing on it) with the CORRECT ZONE, right Jimbo? But, instead, they apparently wanted to leave conspiracy-hungry goofs like DiEugenio a whole bunch of bread crumbs throughout their LFO [Let's Frame Oswald] plan, by deliberately stamping the wrong zone on the envelope containing the money order.

And then the retard plotters compound their idiocy by also deciding to make the money order arrive in Chicago at an impossibly early time (in 24 hours), per conspiracy theorists like Jim D.

The fact that anomalies and discrepancies like this exist AT ALL is probably better proof of NO CONSPIRACY than they are of CONSPIRACY.


Because in a plot where EVERYTHING is fake and totally controlled by the evil plotters (which is certainly what James DiEugenio believes--because he thinks EVERYTHING connected with Oswald's guilt in the Kennedy and Tippit murders is phony), then NONE of these types of goofy anomalies would exist in the first place. Unless, as I mentioned, the plotters were, literally, ALL retarded.

Continuing on.....

And then the plotters also decided to frame Oswald by creating ADDITIONAL fake backyard photos, even though we know there were several other copies of the backyard photos that the plotters could not possibly have controlled that depicted THE EXACT SAME THING in the pictures (Oswald in the Neely St. yard holding guns) -- like the one found in George DeMohrenschildt's possession in 1977. Was that "planted" and "fake" too, Jimbo? And the picture that Marina and Marguerite destroyed in their hotel room shortly after the assassination. Was that one a fake picture of Oswald holding a rifle too?

And the retard plotters decided to frame Oswald by killing Kennedy FROM THE GRASSY KNOLL, per almost all CTers on the Internet. This is the silliest goof of all, of course. But conspiracy mongers want to believe those two things can realistically co-exist (the patsy frame-up AND a Grassy Knoll gunman), so the conspiracists decide to throw all common sense out the nearest window.

And on and on to retard infinity with these goofball frame-up idiots that people like DiEugenio think were out to get Oswald.

In short, Jimmy DiEugenio doesn't have a clue.

And the fact that DiEugenio is still a Jim Garrison supporter in this day and age only further supports my last sentence.

David Von Pein
March 25, 2011