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OSWALD'S writing is on the money order. Therefore, OSWALD ordered the rifle from Klein's via the $21.45 money order (not to mention the Klein's order form) that HE HIMSELF filled out.

Believing anything else is pure speculation. (And hogwash.)

Case closed.




I love this. Pure McAdams BS. And he [McAdams] pulled it in the debate with Rossley and with me.

I proved that this was one of the easiest types of evidence to forge [handwriting evidence] and then to pass off as genuine.

Now, look at the cheap trick DVP is trying to pass off here. We are to believe that Oswald signed a money order that:

1. He mailed from a mail box instead of the post office where he bought it minutes before. Thereby walking miles out of his way while he was supposed to be at work, and it was not lunch time.

2. That this money order went over 700 miles, and was then opened, tallied, and sorted at Klein's and then deposited at the bank, all in-- GET THIS --24 hours!

This is before the age of computer scanning folks. The mail and the money orders were sorted by hand, Davey Boy.

3. But yet, magically, the bank did not stamp this money order for deposit, and then failed to pass it through the system. (Maybe that is why it did not end up where Wilmouth said it should have been?) And Klein's could never find the actual deposit. So the FBI then lied about it. Funny Davey. This did not happen with Oswald's other money orders did it. Why?

Because Oswald never ordered or picked up that particular rifle, Davey.



Once more, we're treated to James DiEugenio's eager willingness to call a whole bunch of people "LIARS".

Because if the money order [pictured below] isn't legit, and if it really wasn't filled out by Lee Oswald, then a lot of people are either evil rotten LIARS (or they were really, really stupid/dumb/gullible/idiots).....from the people at Klein's Sporting Goods in Chicago, to the FBI, to the Warren Commission, to the House Select Committee on Assassinations.

And please think about DiEugenio's silliness from another point-of-view:

IF the money order is a fake/fraud....and IF people like DiEugenio are 100% correct about Oswald not likely mailing it at a particular location on March 12, 1963 [and a lot more about that topic can be found HERE]....and IF Jimbo is right about the money order and rifle order form not being able to get from Dallas to Chicago in 24 hours....then those goofball idiots who wanted to make it LOOK like Oswald DID do all those things and wanted to make it LOOK like the money order got to Chicago in one day's time would certainly have to be considered BRAINLESS MORONS....now wouldn't they, Jimbo?

IOW---If all of this stuff is fake, why on Earth wouldn't the plotters have spread out the amount of time it took from the mailing date to the processing date? After all, if it's all FAKE stuff anyway, then why in hell would they want to make people like DiEugenio even MORE suspicious by making the money order arrive in an impossibly short interval of time? It's ridiculous.

So, were the plotters just incredibly stupid, Jim? Or could there (just POSSIBLY) be an alternate explanation--like, say, the stuff is the REAL McCOY, and you are just searching desperately for ANYTHING you can get your hands on to take that rifle out of the hands of Lee Harvey Oswald?

You see, the kind of "WHY DID THE GOOFY PLOTTERS WHO SUPPOSEDLY FRAMED OSWALD DO THINGS THIS WAY?" questions that I just posed above are the kind of logical questions that conspiracy theorists like Gil Jesus and James DiEugenio never ever ask themselves. Never!

Another excellent example of this same kind of logical inquiry is:

Why in the world would the "real killers" of JFK want to leave behind physical evidence of the conspiracy in the Book Depository after shooting the President?


Why would the conspirators (who were trying to frame Oswald) leave behind a MAUSER gun in the TSBD, instead of leaving behind the gun that was needed to frame their patsy with--Oswald's own Mannlicher-Carcano rifle?

And Jim DiEugenio went one step deeper into la-la fantasy-land when he stated during his Black Op Radio appearance on March 3, 2011, that he believes that Oswald's Carcano WAS NOT FIRED AT ALL on November 22, 1963.*

* = That laughable statement was uttered by DiEugenio despite the fact that ALL of the traceable ballistics evidence in the JFK case leads straight back to Oswald's Mannlicher-Carcano, including all three bullet shells found in the Sniper's Nest, the two largest fragments recovered from the front of the President's limousine [CE567 and CE569], and CE399, which is a bullet, whether Jim D. likes it or not, that was deemed by both the Warren Commission and the HSCA to be THE EXACT BULLET that struck both President Kennedy and Governor Connally in Dealey Plaza.

So, logically, the conspiracy theorists who really do think that a "Mauser" was found on the sixth floor of the Depository instead of Oswald's Carcano (even though the Tom Alyea film clearly shows a CARCANO being examined by Lt. Carl Day right after it was pulled from the box stacks on the sixth floor [see photos below]), should be asking themselves the very simple and logical question -- Why leave behind evidence that can only expose the conspiracy?

And, of course, the biggest "Why Did The Retarded Plotters Do It Like This?" question of all that is never (EVER!) asked by any of the conspiracy theorists of Planet Earth is the one I've been trying to get some CTer to answer in a reasonable and believable fashion for many years now (and David Lifton's recent "trajectory reversal" explanation is just plain silly from every point-of-view):

If the plotters had a strong desire to frame Lee Oswald as the SOLE ASSASSIN of President John F. Kennedy, then why would those same plotters/conspirators have even WANTED to shoot JFK from the FRONT?

Those reasonable questions should make the conspiracists in the "Anybody But Oswald" camp squirm in their chairs for a little while.

David Von Pein
March 6, 2011