(PART 25)


>>> "I think there were probably two teams of two men in the west and east windows. One spotter and one shooter per team." <<<


There's nothing better than making stuff up incessantly, with zero shreds of evidence to support your wishful-thinking, is there Robby [Caprio The Kook]?

FOUR assassins (strangers to all TSBD employees, I would assume) all manage to sneak IN and OUT of the Depository without being seen going IN or coming OUT.

Not a single employee of the TSBD saw any strangers on the upper floors on 11/22/63. And I think only one "stranger" was seen on the first floor all day by any employees, and he was seen leaving the building well before the assassination.

I guess that quartet of killers either ALL looked exactly like Lee Oswald (and MERGED into one "Oswald Entity" on 11/22), or those 4 guys just lucked out when they cloaked themselves and escaped a semi-busy building on a workday (Friday) sight unseen.

>>> "This is how professionals do it and everything about that killing was professional. No amateur like LHO could do it." <<<

It's interesting to me that many of you kooks think that JFK's murder could have ONLY been pulled off by "professionals", and yet WHO IS IT THAT THESE "PROS" ARE ATTEMPTING TO FRAME? Yes, a NON-professional named Lee Harvey Oswald....the same Lee Harvey Oswald who was (per you kooks) a piss-poor shooter and who was unable to hit the broad side of the broadest barn in Texas.

So, I guess the "pro" plotters/assassins must not have counted on sleuths like you CT-Kooks who keep spouting "Oswald Couldn't Have Done It On His Own", huh?

Otherwise, those real killers would have a bit of a problem, don't you think? That is, trying to frame this Barney Fife-like boob named Oswald as a lone shooter, while doing so in a way that couldn't possibly (per you kooks) have been pulled off by just that solo patsy.

But, when we return to a thing called "Reality" and "The Evidence In The Case", a reasonable person doesn't have the slightest bit of trouble believing that Lee Oswald could have pulled off the non-difficult shooting that LHO did, in fact, pull off in Dallas (per ALL of the physical/ballistics evidence in the case).

Oswald only hit the target (JFK's head) with 33% of his shots that day; and he totally missed the target (and the whole car) with another 33% of his shots.

Some "professional" hit there.

>>> "Thanks for the info [re: Billy Lovelady's Dec. 1961 date of hire at the TSBD]. That means we have a look-alike already there." <<<

No prob. Like I told you previously, I occasionally specialize in making stuff easier to find for super-lazy and clueless nuts like yourself.

But, of course, if you suspect Billy N. Lovelady of being part of the "Let's Frame Oswald" plot, then you should be asking yourself this: Should I believe Lovelady's December 1961 hiring date that he gave the Warren Commission?

If he lied about being in the doorway...don't you think he'd be willing to lie about other stuff too?

Rob, you are so "all over the map" in almost every post you make, it's pathetic. No wonder it's hard to follow your fairy tales from one day to the next.

Was Orson Welles up on the 6th Floor too? How about Frank Sinatra? Remember, Sinatra shot at a President in the 1954 movie "Suddenly", a film Lee Oswald watched shortly before November 22nd.

Rob's daily Fable Sessions are rather entertaining, though. I just wonder how many more days will pass until he has J.D. Tippit firing a rifle at President Kennedy from the Grassy Knoll. (I'll give him another week....tops.)

David Von Pein
October 2007