(PART 22)


>>> "A troll's main goal is usually to arouse anger and frustration among the message board's other participants, and will write whatever it takes to achieve this end." <<<


All it really takes for an LNer to "achieve this end" is to cite just
a handful of proven facts with respect to the events of
11/22/63....facts that the CT-Kooks can't possibly UNprove, e.g.:

1.) Oswald was positively on the Floor of Death just shortly before
the assassination and asked a fellow worker to send an elevator back
up to him on that sixth floor (a fact that CTers would probably prefer
not to think about, because it could conjure up ideas of Oswald being
a bit sneaky and "plotting", as he wants to disable one of the
elevators on his SIXTH floor, and then possibly use it for a quick
escape after shooting at the President).

But thoughts like that one regarding the elevator must always be
automatically rejected as "crazy" by the CT-Kook crowd, because
letting that kind of thought enter a CTer's head would lend some
credence to the idea that Saint Oswald was possibly involved in some
way with JFK's murder. And THAT would never do.

2.) Oswald's rifle is found on the same sixth floor, the floor from
where an "Oswald-like" person was seen firing a rifle at JFK's car.
(Amazing co-inky there, huh, if it wasn't BOTH the real Oswald and his
real gun being seen doing the shooting at 12:30?)

3.) Gobs of "Oswald Was Here" evidence is strewn in the exact place
(the Sniper's Nest) from where the Oswald-like individual was firing
at JFK. Plus: Bullets from Oswald's gun are found in JFK's car and in
the hospital where the limo victims were taken right after the
shooting. (Probably all "planted" there or something, per the kooks.
So, let's just dismiss those piddly ballistics tidbits that ALL go
directly toward Oz's weapon.)

4.) Oswald leaves the building within minutes of the most exciting
event in Dealey Plaza history, totally disinterested in the pulse-
pounding activity going on within yards of the doorstep of his working
establishment. Go figure that. (Lee probably just wanted to catch that
movie in Oak Cliff. Yeah, that's a better explanation than an LNer's
scenario any day of the week.)

5.) Oswald spends $1.00 for an unusual cab ride home on November 22.
Obviously, Lee's in a pretty big hurry to get home. But why--if he was
merely leaving work early to go see Van Heflin at the movies?

6.) Oswald shoots and kills Officer J.D. Tippit on 10th Street. This
was probably just another co-inky though. After all, Oswald probably
always carried around a fully-loaded revolver (plus at least nine extra
bullets in his pocket when he exits his roominghouse on Beckley) after
leaving work in a hurry (sans permission to do so) within minutes of
U.S. Presidents being killed a stone's throw from where Oswald also
was located just 45 minutes earlier.

Yeah, Tippit's being murdered by Book Depository employee Lee Oswald
was prob'ly just a funny coincidence. Besides, you know how boys are
in Texas, "When they've got a gun, they just carry it."

7.) Oswald enters the Texas Theater without paying. (He was probably
saving the $13.87 in his pocket to buy Junie those shoes and to buy
Marina some flowers to make up with her after their Thursday-night
quarrel; you know what a great husband and daddy Lee was.)

8.) Oswald is nabbed in the theater by police as LHO pulls his gun and
tries to shoot more policemen within the theater. But, here again, it
was probably just a strange coincidence. It was probably merely nerves
on Lee's part. He was just a high-strung boy. And LHO's comments
attributed to him in the theater are probably meaningless too (if
you're a CT-Kook, that is) -- "It's all over now" and/or "This is it".

Either one of those statements is pretty incriminating in my LN book.
But, to the kooks, those words probably indicate Lee's frustration at
the cops for grabbing him in the middle of the feature presentation at
the Texas Theater. And nobody's got a right to interrupt a good war
movie (even if you did sneak in the theater for nothing). Not even the
Dallas Police have any right to do that.

The above items (plus so much more, including LHO's numerous lies that
he told after his arrest) usually manage to raise a tad bit of ire in the
conspiracy kooks.

But, to a kook, all of this stuff was "faked" or pre-planned in some
way by OTHER (non-Oswald) people in order to frame poor innocent Lee

Do you think a jury -- ANY jury in the world! -- would even BEGIN to
buy such "He Was Framed" nonsense after hearing the huge list of
evidence against this guy named Oswald?

Apparently, many kooks DO think that every jury is composed of the
"O.J. Twelve".

>>> "One popular trolling strategy is the practice of Winning by
Losing." <<<

Now Gil [Jesus] seems to be talking about a CTer's strategy.

>>> "While the victim [i.e., a poor "CTer" in Gil-Kook's mind here] is trying to put forward solid and convincing facts to prove his position, the troll's only goal is to infuriate its prey." <<<

Yeah, "solid and convincing facts" like "JFK was trying to cough up
the bullet that entered from the front but didn't exit"
a kook [named Gil Jesus]).

And other "solid" facts like Walt Cakebread's insanity about Howard
Brennan "DESCRIBING" the assassin in the "west-end" window instead
of the east-side window that Brennan TWICE CIRCLED on Warren
Commission exhibits. That's one of my favorite "solid facts" that Gil
was probably talking about.

And then there's also Walt's lovely theory about how JFK was shot in
the throat from the front (with the bullet exiting his back) at approx.
Zapruder frame 161....with Kennedy then continuing to wave and SMILE
to the crowd for almost THIRTY more Zapruder Film frames. (Nice one,

And don't forget resident kook Don Willis....who has placed a rifle in
the hands of 18-year-old Danny Arce. Willis said that Arce shot JFK
from the Depository's FIFTH floor. (Beautiful "fact" there, huh?)

Is there any need to continue? Or can your bladder handle any more of
these "solid and convincing facts" without bursting from the intense
laughfest that results from such made-up "facts"?

Okay. I'll stop then. But there's plenty more, of course. Just ask
Ben [Holmes].

>>> "The troll takes (what it knows to be) a badly flawed, wholly illogical argument, and then vigorously defends it while mocking and insulting its prey." <<<

Yep, Gil's got to be talking about CTers as the "trolls" here. There
is no other entity that fits the above description. That's for dang
for sure.

>>> "The troll looks like a complete fool..." <<<

Yep. CTers indeed. Has Gil flipped sides here? Kinda sounds like it.

>>> "The victim becomes noticeably angry by trying to repeatedly explain the flaws of the troll's argument." <<<

I like the way Gil now thinks that he and his fellow kooks have somehow
been transformed into "victims" by the LN crowd. Too cool, Gil.

But, as is typical with the kook mindset, they've got everything topsy-
turvy. But I've enjoyed your whining Gil. Please post "Part 2" of this
thread sometime in the future. After all, even us LN/CIA operatives
need a healthy laugh once in a while, right?

David Von Pein
October 27, 2007