(PART 28)


>>> "Maybe he [Oswald] was suicidal." <<<


Then why didn't he commit suicide at 12:31 PM CST on 11/22/63 after
killing JFK?

Instead of committing suicide, why did he leave the TSBD in a hurry
and go to Oak Cliff and get his pistol and then kill J.D. Tippit on

Oh yes, I forgot, you think Snow White Oswald never shot anybody, so
you think the 13 witnesses at the Tippit murder site were all having
an "IT WAS OSWALD" mirage at the same time. Nice.

Plus -- Why did Oswald try to kill policemen within the Texas Theater

It's kinda hard to deny this little theater scuffle, isn't it kook?
But, of course, we do have some CTers in our midst who are silly
enough to try and deny the fact that Oswald pulled his gun on the
police in the theater -- Walt The Super-Kook comes to mind (to name
one such nutcase).

>>> "JFK was the first shooting of a president with a rifle." <<<

First time for Oswald too. Therefore, the best retort I can come up
with here is this logical one---


>>> "Why did even Dick Russell not believe in the SBT?" <<<

Partially due to the fact that Richard Russell was a goofball (simple
as that).

And, interestingly enough, two to three months later (in May or June
of 2007), I discovered that the author of the new JFK Assassination
Bible (Vince Bugliosi) evidently feels the exact same way that I do
about the late Senator Russell.

BTW, Russell died in January 1971, and since he was one of the very
few WC members who didn't embrace the SBT and who also voiced his
opinion that a "conspiracy" likely existed with respect to JFK's
murder, I'm wondering why he wasn't "bumped off" by the "Mystery Death
Squad" too? But he's not mentioned on Jim Marrs' "Death List". Go

Anyhow, I found it very reassuring when I saw the following VB remarks
in the endnotes (CD) section of "Reclaiming History":

"What [Senator Richard] Russell essentially said [in a 1970 interview] is that there were too many things he had questions about, and because of these unanswered questions, instead of concluding he didn't know what happened, he tended to believe there was a conspiracy.

"Maybe if Russell had acted like a responsible public official, he would have learned the answers to his questions. But he did not. .... His attendance at the hearings where 94 witnesses testified before the Commission was nothing short of disgraceful, Russell only attending the testimony of 6 witnesses. And if Russell had a little more common sense, that would have also helped.

"Russell is the same person who on October 22, 1962, right in the middle of the Cuban missile crisis...actually urged war rather than a peaceful resolution to the crisis. ....

"Can you imagine that? To Russell, possession of nuclear weapons wasn't a deterrent to war but a golden opportunity to blow up the planet. I must confess: when a mental giant like Russell says he believes there may have been a conspiracy in the Kennedy assassination, I listen."
-- Vincent T. Bugliosi; Pages 297-298 of "Reclaiming History" (Endnotes)

>>> "The bullet that hit [JFK's] head shattered, remember? It couldn't have done that type of damage." <<<

You just refuse to look at the REAL evidence in the case, don't you?
There's ample proof to show that your above statement about the head-
shot bullet is complete bullshit.

The bullet fragments found in the front seat could most certainly have
"done that type of damage" to the windshield and the chrome topping of
the limo. Robert Frazier testified regarding this point specifically, and
I've shown you his testimony.

And if you think that a FMJ/MC bullet like Oswald's wouldn't have left
large enough fragments behind after striking a human skull....think
again. Because such large fragments resulting from a bullet hitting a
skull can (and have) occurred....multiple times, in fact.

Multiple tests have been done to show that a Carcano bullet just like
LHO's ammunition can (and will) fragment in the exact same "2 Larger
Fragments" style of CE567 and CE569.

The WC (Dr. Olivier) did tests on this subject; and then Dr. John
Lattimer did the same type of skull tests too (years later).

The results (with photos for proof) are to be found in Lattimer's book
"Kennedy And Lincoln" (via the chart linked below):

But I suppose it's best if kooks like Robert Caprio just merely ignore
those skull tests (and the large fragments that were left behind
following such tests).

It'd be better for their fantasy telling in the future if the kooks
continue to claim that Olivier and Lattimer never performed those
detailed tests, with WCC/MC ammunition being fired directly into human
skulls and the bullets coming out looking very similar to front-seat
fragments CE567 and CE569.

>>> "And secondly, and most importantly, the head shot came from the front..." <<<

Yeah, it's also better for you CT-Kooks if you ignore all seventeen of
those trained pathologists who all said that JFK was hit in the head
by one bullet which came from BEHIND the President's car.

And it's best if the CTers ignore the following Z-Film slo-mo clip
too, which shows JFK's head moving discernibly FORWARD at the critical
MOMENT OF IMPACT, indicating a bullet has just struck him FROM BEHIND:

>>> "Good try though." <<<

If I were to type all of my responses to you while I was sleeping,
they'd still be better "tries" than your flimsy, unsupportable retorts.

You must enjoy being made a complete fool of, day after day. Go figure
that curious hobby.

David Von Pein
October 2007