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The CIA-did-it CT is coughing, spitting and wobbling on its last legs. It is almost dead. It deserves its grim fate. What a waste of a half-century of literature it has been.

On the other hand, the Radical Right CT is finally awakening. Please offer your summary opinion on the work by Jeff Caufield, General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy: the Extensive New Evidence of a Radical Right Conspiracy (2015).


Hi Paul,

I haven't read Caufield's book, but knowing the physical evidence and Lee Oswald's own actions like I do (and I know those things pretty well), I have a very difficult time believing in ANY conspiracy plot relating to the murder of President Kennedy. Oswald's movements and actions on both November 21st and 22nd spell out a practically last-minute, one-man "plot" that was very likely (IMO) hastily arranged by only one individual---Lee Harvey Oswald himself. I see no room for any of General Walker's handiwork, or anyone else's.

And I think author Jeffrey Caufield is off base by quite a large margin when he (or his publisher) asserts on the back cover of his book (pictured below) that Lee Oswald was merely "an unwitting pawn in one of our country's greatest historical mysteries".

The key word in that blurb being "unwitting". Given the things he did and the lies he told to Wesley Frazier on November 21 and 22, I can't see how the word "unwitting" could ever be applied to Oswald. Others are free to disagree, of course.


A segment of the Dallas Police killed JFK, and they were led by General Walker.


Boy, that Edwin A. Walker was sure one lucky SOB, wasn't he? He was plotting to set up Oswald as a patsy back in April '63 (per Mr. Trejo), and LHO just happens to get the TSBD job on Oct. 15 (with the help of someone who cannot possibly be looked upon as a "co-conspirator", Mrs. Linnie Mae Randle of Irving).

And then, on top of all that, Lee Harvey Oswald decides he's going to act like a very guilty person on 11/22/63 shortly after 12:30 PM.

You've got to admit, Paul, good fortune like that doesn't come along every day of the week. General Walker must have had TWO crystal balls working for him in the summer and fall of 1963. Maybe three.

Tell me, Paul, what makes YOUR theory re: Walker any more FACTUAL and any LESS SPECULATIVE than any OTHER theory offered up by any other conspiracy theorist?

Have you got any hard evidence---as opposed to just outright speculation and guesswork? I certainly didn't see anything besides speculation and conjecture in your post here.

And General Walker's papers hardly qualify as proof he had JFK killed.

Thank you.

BACK TO 2017....

Whew! I see you're pretty eager for converts, Paul. I think you're going to have a hard time trying to persuade DVP to be on the new cutting edge of JFK CT research. If you haven't noticed, he's neither right wing (though admittedly he does look like a cop) nor a conspiracy theorist.

I've heard this tack from you before. Certain theories withstand time because they've shown greater results. What of course matters in evaluating various conspiracy theories is not whether it's new and trendy, but whether it can gather momentum on it's own because it holds a greater promise of the truth.


And if the theory could have at least a few facts (i.e., some solid evidence) on its side, that would certainly help it out quite a bit too. Wouldn't you agree?



I have also followed the movements of Lee Oswald fairly closely, as well as the testimonies of those close to Oswald in 1962-1963.

The JFK murder was not a one-man show by any full accounting, IMHO. There is plenty of room for Edwin Walker's handiwork.

The quotation from Jeff Caufield is a weak one -- because "unwitting" is a vague term -- it is always "unwitting to a certain degree."

That is, Oswald claimed to be a Patsy -- and a Patsy, by definition, is "unwitting to a certain degree." But a Patsy is never 100% unwitting, because after all, the Patsy always knows who betrayed him -- only he knows it too late. He thought they were his friends.

Oswald was never a real Communist. Even J. Edgar Hoover admitted that to the WC. Oswald was never a real officer of the FPCC. Even J. Edgar Hoover admitted that.

When Oswald went to Mexico City to try to get an instant visa to Cuba, he took with him his Fake resumé of Fake FPCC credentials. This is now US History 101, after the Lopez Report.

Oswald, according to Gerry Patrick Hemming, handed over his rifle to a trusted confederate near the TSBD on 11/22/1963. Oswald was on the 2nd floor of the TSBD during the JFK shooting, finishing his lunch. Less than 90 seconds after the JFK shooting, Officer Marrion Baker and TSBD superintendent Roy Truly confronted the Coke drinking Oswald on the 2nd floor, with a gun at his chest.

Certainly Oswald knew something was wrong, and very likely he panicked and ran home to get his pistol, and goodness knows where else he was headed when he encountered J.D. Tippit -- and had a shootout.

Jeff Caufield made history, IMHO, when he showed a direct connection between General Edwin Walker and J.D. Tippit at Austin's BBQ in Dallas. This theory has not had much time to develop, but as the CIA-did-it theory gasps its last melodramatic gasp, the Walker CT will finally get its day in the sun. Wait and see.


Trejo and DVP = Made for Each Other.


Yeah, that must be why I was arguing with him about his theory in 2015:


I agree with Paul about Ruth Paine (as all reasonable people do); but I disagree strongly with him on his Walker theory.

So, are we still a match made in heaven, Jimmy?


David Lifton...said that he deeply suspects conspiratorial roles for DPD Chief Jesse Curry, Assistant Chief Charles Batchelor and his four Deputy Chiefs.


In other words, per some (or many) of the conspiracy promoters, it was
The World vs. The Patsy in November 1963.


And I wonder how David Lifton explains the sudden about-face done by Chief Curry in circa 1969 when Curry's book came out that said things the CTers just love to quote 24/7? I guess Curry must have decided to abandon the cover-up and start telling the whole truth in '69. But here's what Jesse Curry was saying on 11/23/63:

"I think this is the man [Oswald] that killed the President."

More from Chief Curry in November '63:



In my reading of Jesse Curry, he was playing the press like a ukulele. Jesse Curry always knew there were shooters in the Grassy Knoll -- because that's where he first sent the DPD over the DPD radio at the moment the shots were fired. Only later did he claim that he "heard" the shots from the TSBD.

How can anybody believe Jesse Curry as though he was some ordinary country bumpkin? Jesse Curry was more clever than you seem to think.


That's incorrect. Curry didn't send anybody to the Grassy Knoll at all. He sent them to the top of the Triple Underpass. Here's what he said over the DPD Radio at exactly 12:30 PM....

"Get a man on top of that triple underpass and see what happened up there."


Doesn't sound like Curry thinks any shots came from the "Grassy Knoll" to me. Unless (somehow) you think the "top of that triple underpass" means the same thing as the Grassy Knoll?



You're being too literal. The WC witnesses often conflated the terms "Triple Underpass," "railroad tracks," "railroad yard," "parking lot," "Grassy Knoll," "embankment," "railroad area," and so on.

The obvious point is that Jesse Curry DIDN'T SAY, "Get a man on top of the TSBD and see what happened there!"

I stand by my point.


OK, Paul. Point taken.

But I'll stand by my point too -- i.e., the TOP of the Triple Underpass is certainly NOT the same area where nearly all conspiracy theorists think shots came from.

David Von Pein
January 17-19, 2017