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[O.P.] Wright...was a supervisor and an ex-cop - a much better witness than [Darrell] Tomlinson, who has never been corroborated saying that the bullets were similar, and he [Wright] was adamant in his interview by [Josiah] Thompson that they weren't.


Then why did O.P. Wright tell the FBI in June 1964 that CE399 looked like the slug found at Parkland on 11/22 (per CE2011)?

You, Robert, have already acknowledged that the FBI did not lie about the things we see in CE2011 concerning Tomlinson. I quote you -- "The FBI did not lie about what he said."

But are you now going to say that the FBI lied about ONLY O.P. Wright's contention that the stretcher bullet looked like CE399? If you don't want to do that, then you surely must be ready to also concede that Wright told the FBI on 6/12/64 that the bullets looked the same.


So, you still have not even come close to verifying CE399.


The bullet's origin (i.e., the verified fact that is was fired from Oswald's rifle "to the exclusion") practically verifies the chain of custody all by itself (when ordinary common sense is factored in to the equation, that is; plus when we get past the silly notion that the FBI and Secret Service and everybody else under the sun had a passionate desire to frame Lee Harvey Oswald for the President's murder).

And the reason my above comment is true is because there is so much OTHER ballistics evidence in this murder case which also is tied to Oswald's Carcano rifle "to the exclusion" -- such as the bullet fragments found right in the limousine (you surely don't think those are "planted" too, do you Robert Harris?), plus the three shells in the sniper's nest, plus the rifle itself being found on the same floor where the three shells were located.

And there are people who have examined Tom Alyea's film and have confirmed that the rifle that was found on the sixth floor was a Mannlicher-Carcano, and not a Mauser. So the Alyea film debunks the "Mauser" theory for all time. (Unless you'd like to now claim that Tom Alyea's film is a fake and a fraud.)

Therefore, with all of that OTHER "C2766" stuff in evidence (which was found in THREE different locations, keep in mind--Parkland, the TSBD, and the limousine) that all leads back to the VERY SAME GUN that fired Commission Exhibit No. 399, I'd like to know what the odds are of ANY of that evidence being fake or illegitimate?

Given the fact that there is that much other bullet evidence (plus the rifle) in this case that leads straight to Oswald's Carcano, the odds of there being fakery connected with ONLY CE399 are very small indeed.

Naturally, you will disagree with my above common-sense analysis re CE399. But if I can get you to agree that at least some of the bullet evidence in this case is, in fact, legitimate and was not faked or planted by the authorities (can you admit that much?), then I think that even you, Bob Harris, would have to acknowledge the very high likelihood of CE399 also being a legitimate piece of evidence connected to this murder investigation. And that's simply because all of this stuff fits together perfectly:

1.) CE399.
2.) The three shells in the TSBD.
3.) CE567 & CE569 in the limo.
4.) Oswald's rifle being found in the TSBD, which is a rifle that is linked inexorably to numbers 1-3 above.


And you continue to evade the statements by Connally, Wade, Nolan, Stinson and Bell, which prove that the real Connally bullet was recovered on the second floor and given to Nolan.


Then where is that bullet that was picked up by the unknown nurse, Bob?

No such bullet exists, and it never did exist. And one of the biggest reasons to know it never existed is the following testimony by one of Connally's doctors:

DR. CHARLES GREGORY -- "We were disconcerted by not finding a missile at all. Here was our patient with three discernible wounds, and no missile within him of sufficient magnitude to account for them, and we suggested that someone ought to search his belongings and other areas where he had been to see if it could be identified or found, rather."

Given the fact that the above testimony from one of John Connally's own doctors exists in the Warren Commission record, it's inconceivable to think that a bullet could have fallen from Connally's body and BEEN RECOVERED by a nurse, with this nurse then saying NOTHING to Dr. Gregory or anyone else about it.

Another very interesting part of John Connally's book is the following excerpt taken from the very same page which also contains the part about a nurse picking up a bullet and putting it in her pocket:

"A nurse spotted Nellie and handed her one of my gold cuff links. We never found the other one."

Do you think that maybe a cuff link falling to the floor might make about the same kind of "clinking" sound as a spent bullet would make?

And Connally says right there in his book that a "nurse" gave Nellie a cuff link. Couldn't that be the nurse who supposedly picked up a "bullet"? Maybe the "bullet" was really a "cuff link".

In the final analysis, nobody can know for certain what the metal object was that John Connally heard falling to the floor on November 22. But the best evidence is: It certainly was NOT a bullet.


David, you have a tendency to attack irrefutable evidence.


Oh, you mean like the "Connally heard a bullet fall to the floor, even though he never ever claimed to actually SEE that bullet that a nurse supposedly put in her pocket" stuff, Bob?

Get real.


If you hope to refute this issue, you need to address the STRONGEST evidence and testimony - not the single witness who was obviously wishy washy and easily talked into changing his story.


Oh, so you now apparently want to claim that Raymond Marcus, who is a conspiracy theorist who thinks that CE399 is a "Bastard Bullet" (i.e., it's a fake and a fraud), had a desire to talk Darrell Tomlinson into "changing his story" about the stretchers. Is that correct, Bob?

And Marcus [in his 1966 interview with Tomlinson, on Page 6] also somehow was able to strong-arm Tomlinson into saying that CE399 "appeared to be the same" bullet that he found on a Parkland stretcher two-and-a-half years earlier. Is that it, Bob?

Because if you're not claiming that Marcus (a devoted conspiracy theorist who thinks CE399 is a phony bullet) was putting words into Tomlinson's mouth during their telephone conversation of 7/25/66, then why would you leap to the conclusion that OTHER people could have persuaded Tomlinson to "change his story" so easily?

Face it, Robert, you're stuck with Ray Marcus' transcript. And you are certainly not in a million years going to suggest that Marcus was trying to get Darrell Tomlinson to say that CE399 looked the same as the stretcher bullet.


You also claim to enjoy humoring yourself by proving [Robert] Harris and [James] DiEugenio wrong, and as Harris has said, and I'm sure Jimmy D will acknowledge, they are open to persuasion and will correct the record where necessary, but that still doesn't change the fact that the provenance of CE399 is tarnished, there is evidence that it isn't what caused all of the non-fatal damage in the limo, and that its origin has never been established.


CE399 is a bullet from Oswald's gun, Bill.

That fact alone is powerful evidence that it IS a legitimate bullet in this case. And that's because, as I've mentioned before, it dovetails and fits perfectly with all of the other ballistics evidence connected with JFK's murder. Which is ballistics evidence recovered from THREE different locations by multiple law enforcement agencies.

That's some fantastic across-the-board coordination for the bullet fakery in this case, wouldn't you agree Bill? The Secret Service and the FBI and the Dallas Police Department all got together and decided to make it look UNIFIED so that everything would come back to this conclusion in the end:

Lee Oswald's Carcano was the murder weapon.

Amazing that anyone could even begin to believe that any of the bullet/rifle evidence in this case is faked or planted when considering the fact that this stuff was recovered by different law agencies and was found in three separate places--Parkland Hospital, the Book Depository, and in the President's limousine itself.


The Warren Commission and the HSCA had no problem declaring that Oswald killed Kennedy.

And the WC and HSCA had no problem declaring that CE399 was the bullet that struck both JFK and Connally.

But apparently you think the HSCA was too stupid (or was too corrupt) to seek out the truth about the stretcher bullet. So they merely rubber-stamped the Warren Commission's conclusion of CE399 being the SBT bullet.

And to think we need to know WHERE Oswald purchased the bullets he used to kill President Kennedy is just another one of the many chaff-like things that CTers love to prop up to cloud the true facts of Oswald's guilt.

Heck, CTers now even demand to know where Oswald got his revolver bullets too -- even though Oswald was caught red-handed with that gun in his hands just 35 minutes after he shot J.D. Tippit with it!

Can you name one other murder case in history where the prosecution, in order to secure a conviction, was required to track down where the accused killer bought his bullets? (And it's a particularly needless thing to know in a case where the accused murderer was caught by the police with the murder weapon in his hands when he was arrested.)

David Von Pein
December 6, 2011