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If someone can't figure out that Oswald killed Kennedy, this shows to me a willful disregard for reality. It isn't a matter of not having enough information, they just don't want to come to the obvious conclusion.


Bingo. Precisely. Exactly.

I've been getting a few comments on my YouTube videos lately, with some people asking:

How could the police have come to the conclusion so quickly--in less than one day--that Oswald was guilty?

My response to that question is:

Given the evidence that the police had collected (which all led straight to Oswald), plus factoring in Oswald's own incriminating actions in the movie theater where he was arrested, how would it be possible for the Dallas Police to NOT have arrived at an "Oswald Is Guilty" determination within 24 hours of JFK's murder?

Was the Dallas Police Department supposed to just ignore the rifle, the revolver in Oswald's hands, the shells on Tenth Street, the shells in the Depository Sniper's Nest, the paper bag with Oswald's prints on it, Oswald's own guilty-like actions, and the eyewitnesses who fingered Oswald?

And the above list doesn't even include Bullet CE399 or the bullet fragments found in the President's limousine -- because the DPD didn't even see those bullets on Day 1.

The conspiracy promoters will usually counter with: Well Dave, all of that stuff you just mentioned was planted, and the witnesses were coerced into IDing Oswald.

But to that CT response, I say: Hogwash (with a capital H). And I also say to the CTers: Prove it!

To date, no CTer has ever proven that ANY of the evidence in the JFK and Tippit cases was planted or faked -- let alone ALL of it.

David Von Pein
January 5, 2014