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Fantastic!! Jesse [Ventura] brought up some of my Secret Service talking points on Piers Morgan!! I am on several pages of what is already a best-seller ["They Killed Our President", released 10/1/2013].


Another joke of a conspiracy book. Absolutely shameful what the conspiracy authors have done to a very simple murder case. 40+ new books already listed for late 2013, and nearly all of them kookbooks by conspiracy hounds. But I'm listing them all anyway [~sigh~]....

Footnote -- I didn't mean to imply that ALL of the new 2013 books are "kookbooks" -- just MOST of them are. There are some by LNers too--including a reissue of "With Malice" by Dale Myers and two JFK books by James Swanson....plus Howard Willens' "History Will Prove Us Right".


Dave, I am curious (and I do NOT mean this in a jerky way--honest): why are you interested in the case? If the official story is correct, wouldn't this be a big yawn after a while?

To make an analogy: I am 100 percent convinced (since day one) John Hinckley acted alone. I couldn't get into conspiracy newsgroups (etc) on that subject. Why are you interested?


Vince, the best answer I can come up with to your very good question is --- It's engrained in me. My interest in JFK and his assassination has been with me for more than 3 decades now, and that interest has not waned. It's just there....even though I firmly believe the case was solved in 1963 by the Dallas Police Department.

And the audio/video aspects of the coverage of the assassination has been of great interest to me too. So that's another aspect of it.

And, as Vince Bugliosi said (and I totally concur): "The JFK case is the most fascinating story ever told" -- and it continues to get told (and re-told) every day. And some of those "tellings" of the story also keep me interested, as I want to debunk the lunacy of most of the conspiracy theories.

And even you, Vince, must agree that if there was a plot, only ONE conspiracy theory can possibly be correct. So that means 99% of the stuff being written about this case (from the point-of-view of specific "conspiracy theories") is dead wrong. It has to be.

But the evidence isn't lying to us, Vince. And back in 2007, you thought the evidence was telling the true story--Oswald did it--and did it alone. Too bad the Doug Hornes and Jim Douglasses and Jesse Venturas of the world have tainted your 2007 reasoned thinking. But the evidence IS the truth. And that's telling us who killed JFK---and it sure wasn't George H.W. Bush or Mac Wallace or Jimmy Files.

David Von Pein
October 1, 2013