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The people who have the one-assassin theory are so full of shit that they refuse to answer a lot of the basic conspiracy questions.

How can Bug [Vincent Bugliosi] rely on [the] Warren Commission when they refused to interview a lot of the credible witnesses? The two most important pieces of evidence were hidden from investigators, namely the body and the car.

Let him answer those questions then I'll believe what he has to say.


Investigators and researchers have had full access to almost everything for many years---including access to the autopsy photos of President Kennedy's body and to the gory color photographs of the inside of the limousine that were taken at the White House garage on the morning of 11/23/63.

Yes, it's true that the two bullet fragments weren't photographed lying in the limo, but the damage to the limousine was fully documented in reports and photos--including the dent in the chrome molding and the crack in the windshield.

Those limo photos, in fact, have been available since 1964, because they're in Warren Commission Volume 16, starting with CE349. And even the bloody back-seat photos are included in Volume 16, published in black-and-white, so the blood isn't readily noticeable, but they were published [CE352 and CE353].

The WC made a mistake (IMO) by not relying on the actual autopsy photos of JFK. The Rydberg drawings are a mess and only serve to dredge up more thoughts of "cover-up" and "conspiracy", which is a shame, because all of that could have been avoided by simply making the autopsy pictures a part of the Warren Commission record. But it's understandable why Earl Warren didn't want those pictures published in the WC volumes. It's a matter of taste (and deference to the Kennedys).

And the HSCA didn't publish the autopsy photos either. But we're still able to see them (via the bootleg copies). And what they show is undeniable: JFK was shot twice from behind--just exactly what the autopsy doctors said in their report--which is a report that virtually no hardline conspiracy theorist believes.

And that is, IMO, one of the silliest things about the CTers -- they want so badly to believe that JFK was shot from the front that they will go to absurd lengths to try and back up their claims....even going so far as to say that ALL THREE of JFK's autopsy surgeons were rotten liars when they each signed the official autopsy report, which says that Kennedy was struck by only two bullets that entered his body from the rear.

That autopsy report, incredibly, has been almost totally ignored (to a large extent) by most conspiracy believers. The CTers almost HAVE to ignore it (or say that the three autopsists are liars) -- because if the conspiracists don't do that, then JFK was killed by ONLY shots from behind. Simple as that.



The bus can't go anywhere, but the taxi can? Wow, a miracle just happened. Block after block of stuck traffic, yet the taxi has a straight run to the 500 block [of Beckley Avenue]?


Use your head. Cecil McWatters' bus was on Elm Street, the same street that the assassination occurred on. Obviously, THAT street is going to be clogged more than other surrounding streets.

Bill Whaley's cab, however, was free to take ANY street he chose to take to get his passenger [Lee Harvey Oswald] to Oak Cliff. But McWatters was on a strict unchanging bus route. He couldn't start driving down side streets to avoid the Elm Street traffic jam.

Isn't this obvious?


Unless you can provide pictures of the bus route and how clogged it was, and that the taxis can get you where you need to go, then other people would have got off due to the traffic jam as well. Use your head. It's just common sense.


Other people DID get off. At least one other woman got off the bus just before Oswald got off.

Anyway, what are you trying to prove with this type of second-guessing? Do you think the bus driver (Cecil McWatters) was part of the plot? He lied when he said his bus got stalled in the traffic on Elm?

And do you think cab driver William Whaley was also a liar when he said he did, indeed, take Oswald to Beckley in Oak Cliff without getting bogged down in traffic?

Do you think the whole world--including ordinary cab and bus drivers in the city of Dallas--were trying to frame Lee Oswald for some reason?

Where are you GOING with this kind of skepticism?

David Von Pein
November 29, 2013