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I have been looking at JFK’s assassination since 1979, when I was a young and naïve 17-year old. I took my first visit to Dallas in the mid 80’s, and I have been back three more times since then.

I have come to believe after much reading and much researching that we will NEVER know what really happened on 11-22-63. I know from my reading that you are a LHO did it alone man. However, I would like to know how you can be so sure of your conclusions after you read the four separate interviews that I have attached to this e-mail [CLICK HERE].

The interviews come from four men that I believe have a much greater base of knowledge than I do. All four seem to agree that the two agencies that were appointed—either by a direct mandate or forced to cover their butts—the CIA and the FBI, have NOT told the whole story of what they know to this day.

My question—how can ANYONE be sure of what happened when we have been lied to, either by a lie of omission or outright deception? Isn’t it similar to putting together a puzzle without several of the MAJOR pieces on the table?

The four men in these interviews are Philip Shenon (with David Slawson), T. Jeremy Gunn, Jefferson Morley, and G. Robert Blakey.

Thank you for your time,
Steve R. Stirlen


Mainly because none of the four men you mentioned really has (or had) anything whatever to do with the first-day evidence that was gathered that all incriminates Lee Oswald.

CIA people lie. It's in their blood. As Vince Bugliosi said, the CIA will hide things even when it would benefit them to tell the truth. But the CIA didn't collect any of the evidence in the JFK case either. And neither did the FBI. The Dallas Police collected almost all of the evidence (with the limo evidence being first collected by the Secret Service).

We would have to believe in a pretty decent-sized "Fake Evidence" program being undertaken by a lot of people in order to believe that ALL of that stuff that hangs Oswald is not legitimate.

Now, yes, it's true that Oswald could conceivably have had an accomplice(s) and that person(s) has escaped detection by anyone who has looked into the case.

But given Oswald's OWN ACTIONS on November 21 and 22, does it seem likely he had ANYBODY helping him? A homemade paper bag to hide the rifle. Hitching rides to and from work. Taking a bus and a cab to escape the murder scene. Hoofing it away from the Tippit murder scene (with no accomplice in sight). Using an old bolt-action gun to shoot JFK, instead of an automatic (which would have probably been used by a "CIA hit man". Why would the CIA use Oswald's old carbine in such a hit? It's silly to think they would, IMO. But it's not silly to think Oswald--at the 11th hour practically--used his one and only weapon (the crappy Carcano) to shoot the President when the perfect chance was afforded him on 11/22.

I'm not impressed at all when people claim that "so and so" thinks it's a conspiracy. Because I know what THE EVIDENCE is in this case. And that evidence does not point to conspiracy or to multiple shooters. It all points to a loser name Lee Oswald. And any talk about a "conspiracy" is derived from nothing but speculation, with no hard facts to support such speculation.

Another illuminating thing to do is this.

Thanks for writing.

Best regards to you,
David R. Von Pein



I would like to thank you and commend you for taking the time to e-mail me AND to give me your views of why LHO is solely responsible for JFK’s murder. You are the FIRST person from the LHO side to take the time to actually explain your beliefs in a way that is not condescending or ridicule laced. You make valid points, and I will investigate further what you have listed. I thank you for your time AND your tone.

I have tried to e-mail Mr. McAdams, who was quite dismissive, as well as some of the people on Mr. Morley’s JFKfacts. While I may not agree with all of your conclusions, you have certainly given me food for thought, as well as given me another website to bookmark for a reference. You are to be commended for your professionalism. I know you are a busy man, and I am most grateful for the time you have given to me.

The problem that I have always had with the LHO did it side has been the work done by the DPD. Without taking too much of your time, their lax behavior that weekend has always made me suspicious of their intent. From allowing Jack Ruby into the press conference at Parkland, then allowing Ruby access to LHO in the basement on Sunday, followed by DPD Chief Curry saying a couple of years later that “no one has been able to put that man in that building with a gun” combined with one of the backyard photos to be found in the possession of Officer Roscoe White when he died, I have always had a extremely difficult time with the behavior of the entire DPD.

I am sure there are reasons for all of these actions, but taken together, in my opinion only, it does not paint a picture of an organization interested in establishing a case that is "open and shut,” as so many have said through the years.

I thank you for your professionalism, and I am grateful for your courteous attitude. I will continue to investigate, and I am thankful for your time and knowledge.

Much success to you,


Hi again Steve,

Part of the "lax" behavior of the DPD has to be attributed, in my view, to the era and the "1960s atmosphere" and relaxed habits of that time period.

I've heard several reporters say in various documentaries that they were surprised that the security surrounding Oswald was so minimal. I think Ike Pappas is one such reporter, who has commented in interviews about how easy it was for anybody (not just Ruby) to gain access to City Hall during the two days when Oswald was in custody there. Other press people have said the same thing too.

And then, on top of that, given Ruby's known background and the fact he knew so many Dallas policemen, it probably made it easier for him to move around City Hall and mix in with the press people.

I have a detailed article on my website about Ruby gaining entry into the police basement. You might find it interesting too...

Thanks for your extremely pleasant e-mails. I've enjoyed chatting.




In the interest of honesty, I have not been nearly so pleasant to some of the LHO people on Mr. Morley's site. I asked some basic questions as I did you and their tone was not nearly as sincere and helpful as you have been to me. Therefore, I got a little nasty. I know that is not the correct way to handle myself, but I think basic decency is a two way street. Some of the attacks directed towards people on that site border on vile. You have shown me that people that know far more than I do can indeed be helpful, informative and kind.

I am going to remove myself from some of those sites because I do not wish to engage in that behavior.

Thank you again for your generous time and kindness. You have restored my faith that rational people can discuss different points of view and still be civil.

All the best to you,

FYI---My wife was kind enough last year to allow me to travel to Dallas, and this time I was able to visit Oswald's boarding house on Beckley AND visit the Texas Theatre. A trip of a lifetime for me. My fourth visit and, by far, my best.



I, too, have been known to get a little nasty with people on the opposite side (i.e., the conspiracy crowd).

I think, however, I've gotten more mellow and less confrontational with my "CT" opponents in the last few years, but I sometimes feel the need to take off the gloves, which usually happens after I get fed up with a CTer calling me a liar or a "CIA agent" or an "accessory after the fact to JFK's murder" or after they continually tell me that I have never presented ANY evidence at all of Oswald's guilt or some such silliness.

I guess you could say that the bottom line for me regarding the JFK case is this.....

I do not think the evidence could look the way it does today in the JFK and Tippit murder cases and still have Lee Harvey Oswald be innocent of those two crimes. And knowing what I know about the things Oswald did on both November 21st and 22nd, I see no evidence of Oswald being aided by anyone at all during those two crucial days in 1963.

David Von Pein
March 25-26, 2015 [Via E-mail]