(PART 915)


I would submit, Sir, the only act of SBT ignorance is on the part of those who buy this moronic lot of crap.


Yeah, it's always much better to ignore the obvious (the SBT) and latch on to things that are far more murky and unexplainable (i.e., anything other than the SBT), isn't it Michael?

As John Kennedy said in November 1961: "Reason does not always appeal to unreasonable men."

Maybe Mike W. can inform us simple-minded idiots just exactly WHERE the bullet went after it stopped in JFK's back at a depth of only about "2 inches"?

If that bullet had worked its way out of the wound during cardiac massage at Parkland (which I can only assume is a theory that Mike Williams endorses), then that bullet would most certainly have been recovered in Trauma Room #1 at Parkland. Right?

Or would Mike like to postulate a theory that has that bullet vanishing off the planet (even though it was RIGHT THERE to be found in the ER on 11/22/63)?

Please note the pretzel twists that ANY anti-SBT addict must resort to in order to avoid the obvious truth that resides within the single-bullet conclusion. These people are contortion artists. They have to be in order to support their silliness.

Vince Bugliosi said it very well (yet again) when he said this during a speaking engagement in Philadelphia in 2007:

"Most of my book ["Reclaiming History"], if you want to say it, is devoting myself to rebutting silliness." -- Vincent Bugliosi; June 7, 2007


Hi David, please note that my "really silly post" accounts for the single bullet causing the damage at Z223. It does not rely on there being one, but if there was it came from the DalTex.


I deleted the "really silly post" remark I made in my last post (although your post is, indeed, "really silly"). But I realized after writing that particular comment that Mike Williams was not necessarily supporting your remark about a shot (or shots) coming from the Dal-Tex (which would be in direct opposition to what Mike W. said just yesterday, when he said that he thought all three shots had come from the sixth floor of the Book Depository Building).

But, Colin, why on Earth you think the SBT trajectory from the TSBD is impossible, based on a "gap" that allows us to see Jackie at a particular time is beyond my capacity to understand.

What you are undoubtedly attempting to do (at least in large measure) is something that NOBODY CAN DO (as animator Dale Myers has said many times in the past when arguing with conspiracists about his 3D animation project) -- you are trying to extract 3D information from a two-dimensional source. And you just cannot do that. Period.

"In short, you cannot simply draw or overlay lines on a two-dimensional image and extract three-dimensional information." -- Dale K. Myers

David Von Pein
March 25, 2010